[Drama News] Post-It Girl Jang Nara’s First Look from Fated to Love You


How exciting! We have first peek into upcoming MBC drama Fated to Love You of Jang Nara sporting exactly how I imagine it her to be – that ordinary plain Jane girl. The drama also stars Jang Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Woo Shik and Wang Ji Won. I can’t wait to see more released stills from MBC for the next few days… they will, right? I especially want to see Choi Jin Hyuk’s character style! 😀 Okay okay, I pretty much like to see all the boys’ styling.


What do you guys think as compared to the original Taiwanese drama? Pretty spot on, I reckon. The setting to Jang Nara‘s character is also loyal to the original so far with her being a part-time office lady from a small island (I doubt she’ll have siblings though); everything about her – from physical appearances, qualification, working ability to even her name Kim Mi Young is plain. One day she wins a trip to Macau and in a day, she went from being an ordinary plain Jane to a big company’s daughter-in-law.

Hahaha yep yep, that’s where she’ll meet the chaebol Lee Gun by Jang Hyuk and they have one night stand. Question is will it be on the cruise? I’m interested to see how they will adapt from the original for the one night stand’s plot. I sincerely doubt they would follow it religiously for this part and possibly pass it as both got drunk and got naughty… *ahem*

As seen from the pictures, Jang Nara chose her character’s own wardrobe – from glasses to socks and attempted to do her best in portraying this character. I personally think the combination is not too shabby at all 🙂 and through this, Nara might bring in a whole new fashion to Korea’s office ladywear. 😀

Fated to Love You is highly anticipated by many people because it marks the reunion of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara since they worked together 12 years ago on Successful Story of a Bright Girl. There were many reunions of old on-screen couples this year and this really got my hopes high up that maybe few years down the track, I would be able to see my favourite past on-screen couples such as Song Seung Heon/Kim Tae Hee (My Princess), Kim Soo Hyun/Jeon Ji Hyun (My Love From the Stars) and Lee Min Ho/Kim Hee Sun (Faith) working together again. Heed my plea, drama god!

Be sure to tune in to Fated to Love You Wed-Thurs on MBC in July after A New Leaf.

Source: TV Report


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  1. Jang Hyuk being a flower boy…just doesn’t fit into my mind. He is good at playing complicated characters. he already looks hilarious with his hair.I love that drama.


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