Sexy Goddess Jeon Ji Hyun Endorses Kloud


So the package is now completed – Korea’s national goddess Jeon Ji Hyun has now got Chicken and Beer covered (see My Love From the Stars to get the pun) as not long ago she has been courted to endorse BHC’s fried chicken and today a new TV CF is released of her endorsing Lotte Beer’s Kloud.

Jeon Ji Hyun is wearing a glittery golden dress revealing her sexy back in the CF and everything about this CF is just oozing off glamour and sexiness. Ottoke? Even a straight (or not?) female like me is attracted to her charm and beauty, let alone the males with raging hormones? Ji Hyun ah, will we see you and dongsaeng Kim Soo Hyun walking the red carpet together at the 50th Baeksang Award this coming May 27th? You two and the rest of the casts can have free chicken and beer for celebration later… ❤





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