[Drama News] Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa & Kim Ji Suk in tvN’s The Three Musketeers!?


tvN is investing 10 billion won in a huge drama production named The Three Musketeers, and at the moment we have Lee Jin Wook (Nine) being casted as Crown Prince Sohyeon. CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa (Mirae’s Choice) is reported to have auditioned, but due to his singer’s status and busy schedule, it is still undecided. Meanwhile Kim Ji Suk (Personal Taste) is also currently in talks.

The Three Musketeer is set in Joseon period, and the storyline will take place between Joseon and China’s Qing Dynasty – about Crown Prince Sohyeon with his two escorts Heo Seung Po, Ahn Min Suh and also Park Dahl Hyang – a man of noble birth, but from a poor family, who travels to Han Yang to take the military force exam. Inspired by the original French novel, the story is said to focus on romance, action, tragic politics and the life of these men.

The drama is planned for 3 seasons with 12 episodes per season, and is set to start filming in June and premiere its first season in August. The casts will stay the same for all 3 seasons. Director Kim Byung Soo and the screen writer Song Jae Jung who have both worked together for Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine will reunite for this drama.

Woah… if this works out with the casts, OH MY GOD! *Pinch* It’d be fun to see Jung Yong Hwa in sageuk and possibly as one of the swordsmen! I like Lee Jin Wook too, he’s such a cutie. Unfortunately, casting is still incomplete and thus, everything is uncertain at this point. Personally, I would be thrilled to see Yong Hwa back with another project, and having both Lee Jin Wook and Yong Hwa together on my screen will be such a wonderful treat! ❤

TAKE IT! Take it Yong Hwa!

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4 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa & Kim Ji Suk in tvN’s The Three Musketeers!?

  1. I really really really want him to be in this big budget and hopefully quality project. Actor Yong deserves to be in a good drama and imagine getting to see him in 36 episodes….heaven!

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  2. I thought I would have to wait for another 2 years to see him in another drama after Mirae’s Choice. I’m glad that he decided to take on (although not yet confirmed) another acting project this year despite CNBLUE hectic schedule plus his solo album. And my oh my lately Yonghwa has been becoming more buffer. Is that a sign of preparing his role as a swordsman? Cross my fingers and hoping for the good news next week.^^

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