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Script reading and more casting news for new dramas continue and I can’t help but feel a little sad that my round of biases have all finished their yearly quota of drama this year and the new ones aren’t very interesting to me, well, so far anyway. From the description of each drama, I haven’t found one that I feel compelled to check it out or is at least looking extremely forward to. 😦

Nodame Cantabile V.2 is something I would definitely check it out in hope to enjoy the love I have for classical music but whether or not it will succeed will solely depend on the casting and right now, it’s not looking good! 😥 I’m fairly interested with the plot for The Night Watchman’s Journal and is fairly excited to hear casting is in progress and will wait to see who else gets casted before I jump in joy whereas couple of the Crazies are fairly excited with Joseon Gunman starring Lee Jun Ki.

Let’s see what else we have for upcoming dramas and latest drama news…



KBS2 Mon-Tues drama Trot Lovers has confirmed all their major four leads starring Ji Hyun Woo (Queen In Hyun’s Man), Jung Eunji (Reply 1997), Shin Sung Rok (My Love From the Stars) and Lee Se Young (I Miss You).

Ji Hyun Woo is set to play the arrogant musician where he meets Jung Eunji who has a passion for trot. One thing the plot interests me is these two will start out arguing all the time and slowly develop feelings for each other. Shin Sung Rok plays director of Shine Star Company whose personality is straight forward and charming. Well, at least it’s safe to say he won’t be spinning his ring this time, heh. Le Se Young will play Jung Eunji’s enemy in life either in succeeding in their dreams or fighting for love. She is the total opposite of Jung Eunji whereby she has perfect background and is a model daughter in her parents’ eyes.

Trot Lovers is scheduled to air after Big Man in June.



Actress Jung Yoo Mi has confirmed to star as the female lead role for KBS2 Mon-Tues drama Discovery of Romance by the writer Jung Hyun Jung of tvN’s famous drama series I Need Romance. The drama tells the love story of two men and a woman; whereby the woman embarks on a new romance after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend only to have him return and regret of their separation. Jung Yoo Mi will play a furniture designer who is sandwiched between new and old lovers; unable to make a decision. Through this, Jung Yoo Mi will show the viewers her character’s state of heart and mind.

Discovery of Romance is slated to be air after Trot Lovers in August.



Actor Jung Joon Ho (The Last Scandal, IRIS) is courted for MBC weekend drama Mama. According to the production company of Mama, Jung Joon Ho has received the offer and is positively considering it. If he decides to take the offer, he will be starring with actress Song Yun Ah (Hoteliar). This will mark the return of Jung Joon Ho to small screen after 1-year absence since his last project Your Neighbour’s Wife. Mama is a story of two women revolving around a man and that is all I have got at the moment regarding the plot! =.=”

The drama is set to air after Hotel King in August.



Actor Kwon Sang Woo will star in SBS Mon-Tues melodrama Temptation regarding a love story about four people finding true love. Kwon Sang Woo plays a married man who is smart and graduated from Seoul’s elite university but in order to repay his the debt; he eventually sells himself to another woman to pay off his debt. So is this going to be a K-version of Indecent Proposal / Pretty Woman? The drama is screen write by Han Ji Hoon who wrote Dr. Jin and Time of Dog and Wolf and directed by Park Young Soo of Oh My Lady. Okay, it’s bad enough (for me) that it gets advertised as a melodrama but then the show is going to be written by the writer behind Dr. Jin?! *Shivers*

Temptation airs after SBS Wed – Thurs drama Doctor Stranger some time in July.



tvN has released teaser trailers of Seo In Guk’s new upcoming drama King of High School Life Conduct, also starring Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yul Eum. I shall not rehash what this drama is about, so please proceed to HERE for more information. The teaser trailers are so far just introduction so we don’t see exactly how or why Seo In Guk needs to pretend having two lives but it will be fun to watch him runs around switching identities. Hmm, this reminds me about the current Taiwanese drama I’m watching at the moment by Aaron Yan where he lives a double identity too.

I have no doubt Seo In Guk will do a fabulous job portraying a mature director and a student because I have seen him as a student in No Breathing and the head of security in Master’s Sun; not forgetting to mention the famous Reply 1997 where he switches between playing high schooler and adult.

Video Teasers: One | Two | Three

King of High School Life Conduct will air after Witch’s Romance on Mon-Tues on June 16 at 11 PM Korea time.



After 12 years Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk reunited once again for the script rehearsal of MBC’s Taiwanese remake Fated to Love You. The drama also star Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won as the second leads as mentioned before in post (1) (2) (3). I can totally see Jang Nara as that Post-It goody-good girl already from the script reading pictures and can foresee to hate Wang Ji Won as I hated the actress in the original, oh dear~ hahaha! I did not see the perfect man Choi Jin Hyuk in picture and is still gutted by his decision to star in the to-be heartbroken second male lead. Sigh. As Hanjae, Lynny and I have all took our turn to express what we feel regarding this remake, I shall keep this one short and hope the new 4 pairings will out-do the original in terms of storyline execution. 🙂

[Update] Choi Woo Shik Joins Fated to Love You


The ever-so-cute Choi Woo Shik (Ten, Rooftop Prince) is the newest member to join the casts of Fated to Love You. He will play Lee Yong, a rival and the little immature half brother of Jang Hyuk’s Lee Gun; he is said to comedically try to become the heir of the company. So I see the screen writer has already make minor changes because in the original, the character of Lee Gun is the only heir (thus his grandmother wants that baby!) and he has a gay-like comedic personal assistant so I’m guessing the assistant’s role may have been changed  into Lee Yong. Now I wonder if Jang Nara will have her sisters like it did in the original; those 2 sisters and their mother are the comedic part of the original drama. Source: ENews

Fated to Love You will take over the Wed-Thurs time slot on MBC from A New Leaf and is scheduled to air in July. For more pictures, see below.



SBS has generously shared with us the first stills of upcoming Wed-Thurs drama It’s Okay, It’s Love starring Jo In Sung (That Winter, the Wind Blows), Gong Hyo Jin (Master’s Sun), Lee Kwang Soo (Nice Guy), EXO’s D.O and Sung Dong II (Gap Dong, Reply 1997). The genre for this drama is romance, psychological / medical.


Jo In Sung plays Jang Jae Yul – a famous mystery novelist and a radio DJ who will eventually fall in love with Gong Hyo Jin‘s character Ji Hae Soo, who is a psychiatrist. It says that they initially met on a show and started off with negative impression of each other (they will be arguing or fighting of the sort – what’s new?) but slowly they will lend their shoulders to each other and fall in love. Sung Dong II supposedly plays Ji Hae Soo’s first love and psychiatry sunbae (this is creeping me out) who has some weird habit but is great in treating patients’ psychological diseases.


Lee Kwang Soo will challenge the role of a patient with Tourette syndrome while EXO’s D.O plays a high schooler (OMG hahaha, it suits him way too much!).

It’s Okay, It’s Love will take over the Wed – Thurs time slot from You’re All Surrounded in July.



Last but not least, the manhwa (comic) author Kang Kyung Ok of Sul Hee has officially filed a lawsuit against production company HB Entertainment and screen writer Park Ji Eun for the copyright infringement regarding the drama My Love From The Stars. I had thought this whole ordeal had been settled when the drama was still airing whereby Kang Kyung Ok posted on her blog claiming that the main characters, plot, and development of events were very similar to her manhwa Sul Hee and thus accused the drama for plagiarism. HB Entertainment and Park Ji Eun had reportedly made themselves clear with various announcement of their standings back then.

Aish~ like seriously? Should John Polidori sue Bram Stoker and the rest of the authors who wrote about vampires?

Whatever happens I think Kang Kyung Ok is in for a tough battle against HB Entertainment as they have officially made a statement that they will take strong legal measures towards this 600 million won lawsuit (300 M from each side). While Kang Kyung Ok sues for copyright and mental distress, in return, HB Entertainment will take legal action and demand her to compensate the mental distress caused to Writer Park and production crews, hindrance as well as some financial loss during production. Furthermore, HB Entertainment representative says that they have proof of records and witness(es) that Park Ji Eun has worked on the story of My Love From the Stars since 2003 while the manhwa Sul Hee was released some time in 2007 – 2008.

Well ~ we shall see how it turns out.

source: Naver

More FATED TO LOVE YOU Script Reading Pictures


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