[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: Episode 5 Preview


Doctor Stranger continues to give us engaging episodes last week, and I am very satisfied with it thus far. It’s a little slow in the sense that 4 episodes down, we haven’t really seen Hoon fully interact with the Myeong Woo university’s doctors. I am aware having him being recognised, or accepted by colleagues, or board of directors will take time, but it would have been interesting to show doctors-with-doctors interactions a little in last week’s episode, although I am not complaining of his minor encounter with Oh Soo Hyun, LOL! That was hilarious, but he’s still seen mucking around more than saving patients so to speak (I wanna see more medical scenes!). And then it feels like the real storyline hasn’t really unraveled because there seems to be some big conspiracy going on behind the scenes, whereby Jae Hee is now working for the North Korean guy (?) and it’s kind of obvious that she is Han Seung Hee, not some doppelganger.

It was great that Oh Soo Hyun gets an introductory episode about her and her background story. It makes it easier for audiences to directly understand why or how she is the way she is now. Underneath that tough exterior lives a little girl who is desperate, and desire to be loved and recognized by her loved ones. It also gives us a quick insight into what kind of relationship she has with Jae Joon. It immediately becomes transparent that they haven’t reached the stage where the both of them could be completely honest with one another, or is able to confide to each other.

I was pretty gutted when Soo Hyun’s mother died because I had thought being the genius Park Hoon is, he would be able to save her when others couldn’t. But on the contrary, I also like that the show keeps him grounded so it makes his character more realistic rather than fantasy-like/ridiculous. So the special thing about him is merely the fact that his father is a fantastic teacher, he has had good training, he has more experience in surgery than anyone else and is super smart. At the end of the day, he’s just a normal human being with better skills than others but he is not god.


Jae Joon criticizes that it was Hoon’s arrogance that led to the death of Soo Hyun’s mother, but Soo Hyun instead tells him she is thankful of Hoon and takes Hoon’s side. On the other hand, the Chinese man who helps Chang Yi to find her mum tells Hoon that he has found Jae Hee…



Oh crap! The man lying there is the Chinese man who was helping Hoon to find Jae Hee! The initial assumption will definitely have to be that North Korean spy tries to shut him up by attempted murder. All I want to say is, “Please don’t die!” The setting for Park Hoon is a genius doctor with great skills so the patients are supposed to survive under his knife, not keep dying in each episode.

On a different note, when will Hoon straighten his hair? I get why he’s acting frivolous – it’s a self-protection thing to hide his true self and emotion. The hair is an indication of his frivolous manner but I like the straight hair Hoon better. 😥


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  1. Great recap and review. It was a good episode. I have so many questions still about Jae Hee. Excellent show so far. I agree with you though, it would be nice to see more operating scenes with Park Hoon.


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