Lee Min Ho in One Line Romance: Episode 3 [End]

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How quick we have reached the end of Min Ho and Ling Ling’s romance story, however, in the story, it is only the beginning of their journey as a couple. πŸ™‚ LINE gives them a perfect ending to the courtship and also presented to us how we can maintain our relationships/courtship with people we love through the use of social media app. In reality, we often get too busy or tied up with our own lives that we forget to maintain communication with people we care about or it can be difficult to communicate with our loved ones face-to-face and this is where LINE app can come in to help us.

If we are bad with words then we can put the stickers to good use in delivering the message that we find it difficult to say or write. The stickers can also serve asΒ  a fun tool to lighten up the atmosphere πŸ˜€ We may think one or two stickers doesn’t make any difference but that’s when I think we are wrong. I believe we at least let the other side know that we care and we are thinking about them once in a while amidst of the busy life we live. Sharing a picture or two with friends or family to let them know how you are going or feel is also a wonderful thing. I think LINE also helps us keep in touch in a non-invasive way. πŸ™‚



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The next morning, both lovebirds get ready in their own fashion by making sure they look presentable when they start they video call later. Ling Ling finishes with herself first whereas Mr. Vainy Min Ho is still preoccupied with applying (Innisfree) aftershave and moisturiser on his face. Stylist (from My Love from the Stars) enters the house with the suit he requests her to bring in. Since Ling Ling finishes dressing up first, she decides to call Min Ho.

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The phone rings downstairs while Min Ho is drying his hair and naughty Stylist decides to answer the call for him. We see that the Stylist says hello to Ling Ling as Ling Ling looks extremely uncomfortable to catch a woman appearing on her phone instead. She hangs up and tells doll Cony that Min Ho has already had a girlfriend. Ling Ling’s OS: “Min Ho, you ass!” (Okay okay, I made that up but I’m pretty sure she’s thinking about it!). πŸ˜›

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Clueless Min Ho all suits up and calls Ling Ling but she doesn’t answer. He tries a few times and still Ling Ling did not pick up. Poor Min Ho waits till night-time with Brown for Ling Ling to respond. He spam her with all the cute stickers and asks to ‘Call him’ (cute accent from Min Ho when he says ‘Call Me’, hehehe) but she ignores him.

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Days have past and the situation is still the same for the lovebirds. Min Ho is obviously distressed and unable to compose. Bummie and Stylist worry about him and that’s when Stylist came clean with what she did. Aigoo this naughty girl, jjinja! I had thought she just said hello to Ling Ling and it was all Ling Ling’s quick assumption to think she’s Min Ho’s girlfriend but it turns out Stylist lied to her she is one of his girlfriends as a prank. Well, we know what she deserves, don’t we?


A visit from Lady Choi for some LC-ing!

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Bummie orders Stylist to fix what she did straight away so Stylist bombards Ling Ling’s LINE with tons of Sorry stickers, takes a potrait of Bummie and tells Ling Ling that Bummie is her boyfriend. Uhm? Since when? But because of that the two of them start flirting and confirm their feelings for each other in the recording room while Min Ho records a song with a singer. Min Ho catches them and the scene abruptly cuts to Min Ho asking them both to help him with something. Bummie reluctantly agrees so that Min Ho will be able to pick up with his music composing again and they can successfully go on the music tour later.

Ling Ling receives a package with Brown and Cony figurines and a ticket to Korea. Question: So nowadays we can buy a ticket without that person’s consent?Β She arrives at the airport and welcome by Bummie and Stylist. They rides the escalator down a level to where a crowd surrounds a grand piano with scattered rose petals gathered in a heart shape.

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And then we see Min Ho appears from the escalator and this scene reminded me so much of the ever-so-charming Richard Gere all suited up with a red rose for Susan Sarandon in Shall We Dance. But too bad Min Ho isn’t holding a rose! He walks towards the piano and texts a message to Ling Ling “For You” (sounds a lot more like “Por You”, hahaha!) and begins to play the music he composes for her.

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When he finished he walks towards Ling Ling without breaking the intense eye contact with her. While they decide to keep on with their romantic staring contest (rather than giving us a hug or kiss), in voice over we hear Ling Ling and Min Ho say, “Although we have language barrier and cannot meet… our love LINE is a happy ending”.



In general, they have good concept and is able to incorporate the LINE app features naturally into the CF but I can’t help but think in terms of storyline, it could have been done better and give us viewers more feels from their budding relationship. Emotions – something Min Ho is great at and I didn’t see that being fully utilized in here. It’s a bit of shame, really. I also can’t help but wonder if they ran out of materials to make up 3 episodes because there was a lot of repeated scenes in the last 2 episodes. There are definitely deleted scenes because there was a still released with Min Ho in ruffled hairstyle (above picture).

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Now, how god handsome was Min Ho at the ending scene pretending to play the piano? I think the boy might have actually played the first few notes of the music as we can see the piano’s dampers (I think that’s what it is called) hitting the strings. Tee hee~ I will say this much, if this boy knows a music instrument then oh-my-god my life is doomed and ruined forever because a man who knows how to play instrument(s) is extra super-charming. I’m glad he doesn’t so I won’t be overly obsessed about him as I don’t think it is healthy. πŸ˜€

I’m seeing a lot of Bummie lately as he just cameo in You’re All Surrounded as a stalker in episode 3-4 on SBS. It’s so difficult to forget My Love From The Stars when I keep seeing all the actors appearing before my eyes everywhere reminiscing their characters. I am just at awe at the ‘star power’ of this drama as it doesn’t just boost the popularity of the two main leads but also shine the spotlight onto the secondary actors and made them recognised internationall; giving them more job opportunities.

Last but not least, WHY oh why? This marks the third project Min Ho did whereby the two lovebirds just stood there STARING at each other! Honestly dude, can we have something more lovey dovey than that? I mean okay it would be awkward for them to hug or kiss but I definitely think it would have been 100 times sweeter if the CF ends with Min Ho offering his hand to her, she grabs it, they hold hands and walk away with a smile on their faces. Now close your eyes and imagine this scene… better? Yes or no? I pray hard the next drama Lee Min Ho tackles will not end with another staring contest… *fingers-crossed*.

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