[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: Episode 3 Preview


Doctor Stranger premiered and started off pretty strong last week and it has gone head to head in terms of ratings with its rival The Big Man and Triangle. Personally, I definitely am more taken with Doctor Stranger as compared to the other two dramas. Episode 1 was definitely captivating and an interesting watch in comparison to episode 2 which I thought it spent too much time at the bike chasing scene in Budapest. However, it still kept my eyes glued to the screen wanting more from the show. Kim Sang Joong guest starring as Park Hoon’s dad is definitely one of the main reasons for a very satisfying and enjoyable watch of the show. He gave me so much feels whenever he appeared on screen and unfortunately this time I think I am going to hate Cheon Ho Jin rather than love him as that kind president he was in City Hunter. Sigh… ah well, someone has got to play a villain right?

To my surprise, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk were very cute together too! I admit I was a little worried at first that they weren’t going to look right together. And needless to say, I never doubted Lee Jong Suk’s acting ability and he delivered whatever was needed from him in the first 2 episodes. My dissatisfaction of episode 2 stemmed from the insufficient screen time for the introduction of new characters in Seoul and it cuts off pretty weirdly at the end with Hoon reaching out to Jae Hee in the screen. One just shouldn’t cut off the ‘feels’ that way, just saying! And of course I wanted to get to know more about Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra but they had really short appearances. Ah well~

Judging from the first 2 episodes, I think it’s clear that the show’s focus will not be on medical/surgery scenes and that the medical part is just a plot point to tell the story of our hero. However, I do hope I am wrong about it because I do want to see more medical scenes rather than watching the characters battle it out with dirty political antics. *Cough* Good Doctor *Cough*

Let’s just say a balance between politics and medical would be nice, thank you very much.

Lee Chang Yi (Yoon Bo Ra) wants to take her mother for a day of sight-seeing in Seoul so she asks Hoon to deliver drinking water to Myeong Woo University Hospital in her place. At the hospital Hoon runs into the little girl with her father from the park. The girl’s father is clutching his chest in pain and that worries Hoon…


Image: credit as tagged (via DC)