LINE Naver China Releases Micro Drama ‘One Line Romance’ with Lee Min Ho


Recently a LINE App CF micro drama has been released on the web starring Lee Min Ho and Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden Kuo. The CF is co-produced by LINE Naver and HB Entertainment who is the production company behind the hit drama – My Love From The Stars hence we also get to see Song Yi’s manager and stylist in the CF. And this time, they are working for the musician/composer – Lee Min Ho. The CF micro drama named One Line Romance (or I would call it Love at First LINE as opposed to Love at first sight) is light, fun and fluffy to watch and for now, only the first episode is released. With the release of this CF drama, LINE China also releases free Love at First Line sticker set but unfortunately, I read that only those who lives in China and register their Chinese mobile number will be able to download the sticker. 😥

This sort of micro drama isn’t new to me or possibly the Asian countries as I have seen a few really lovely ones before this. I must say I really like the idea of micro CF dramas as compared to the really short and boring (sometimes ridiculous) CFs we often see on TV these days. These sort of CF tends to draw more attention from the viewers as it isn’t just about a product they are trying to sell but also the storyline and the casts.



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The storyline is basic so it is pretty easy to understand without a real need of translation. It starts off with Lee Min Ho trying to compose music in his working room. Must say, I would kill for a wall of bookshelves like that!

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He tries his best to compose day and night but he hits a block. Bummie comes in and ushers him to try falling in love since it’ll help. Tired of listening to Bummie’s nags, Min Ho decides to go for a walk and in hope of finding some inspiration.

Cuts to Bea Hayden Kuo checking out of her hotel and she decides to do some sight-seeing before heading to the airport. She tries to do a selca with the background scenery but is unsatisfied with the result. She then sees Min Ho and his pet dog Brown walking up the pavement so she asks him for help. The two of them tried to communicate with simple English that leads to Min Ho thinking she wanted to take his photo so we see Min Ho acting all vainy about his superstar status at first (pffft!) to eventually figuring out what she really wants. She then asks for a photo with Brown and we hear heart beats, it was Min Ho’s. He gazes her intently with his mind and heart mesmerised by her… he starts to have inspiration which I would interpret as perhaps lyrics for his song.

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Naughty Brown runs off with Bea chasing after it and that leads to her accidentally dropping her Cony accessory on the ground. Soon she and Brown double back and find Min Ho sitting down on the bench looking all sexy playing the guitar. This time it is her turn to be mesmerised by his adam’s apple (hee!) and the melody. The two is interrupted by a LINE notification where Bea’s friend LINE message to ask her where she is. With the incorporation of that scene, we get a full advertisement for the LINE messenger mobile app and the two lovebirds exchange details and become LINE Friend. Gaaahhhh~ what’s Min Ho’s Line ID? Gimme gimme!

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Bea then departs to the airport only to get a message from Min Ho about her Cony USB. She tells him that USB is extremely important so Min Ho rushes to the airport with Brown in his sport car, while Bummie and cute stylist sit down under the sun for a meal of Chicken & Beer (God damnit, I’m hungry!). Are you guys advertising for KyoChon chicken?

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They gossip about Min Ho and how it is so unlike him to want to go to the airport himself. Bummie thinks he’s fallen in love while stylist thinks it hard to believe that it could be love at first sight. Bummie slips his tongue saying it was at first sight for him too with her and she lights up! However, he manages to cover up by saying it was at first sight that he decides to hire her. Hahaha, are we going to give these two a loveline because we didn’t for the Stars?

Meanwhile, Min Ho tries to make excuses and convince himself he returns the Cony USB on his own because he dislikes trouble. He gets a LINE message and it was a Thank You sticker from Bea to him. He continues to talk to Brown and convinces himself that he should respond out of courtesy and with the reason that it’s just fan service. Yeah yeah, whatever boy – you and your denial! While choosing which stickers to use, Brown suddenly barks and gives Min Ho a fright which leads to him accidentally sending Bea an “I Love You” sticker. HA!

Bea is stunned by his confession, not knowing how to react while Min Ho is cursing at himself for what happened and probably wish he could pull a Do Min Joon – teleport and stop time to erase that message. Heh!


I am not sure I like the combination of Bea with Lee Min Ho because she’s so stiff most of the time. If they really want to look for a good Taiwanese actress who is cute and knows how to act, they could have asked Janine Chang or Ivy Chen. Both of them I would imagine to have immediate on-screen sparks with Min Ho and are capable of doing romantic comedy. Even better if the producer can cast Ariel Lin. Eek! Okay, I’ve gone a little too far with my imaginations of the impossible or possible (?).

Back to the drama, unfortunately there isn’t much challenge to Min Ho’s role either, instead of being a mature musician I had hope he would play (who doesn’t really exude that musical aura, sorry my dear!), his character is written to be young and boyish so I still see a bit of Kim Tan in him. However, I also understand that the micro drama is trying to be comedic thus it wouldn’t be fun if Min Ho plays mature. I supposed this isn’t a real drama but just a CF so I shouldn’t judge it too harshly although I do like the acting challenge for Min Ho in his past Toyota Camry CF dramas as he plays good versus evil and it was a treat to watch his acting.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the first part of the micro drama – It’s cheesy but it’s also cute! The execution on bringing in the LINE app is definitely done way better and more naturally than the Toyota Camry’s CF. And I love that they incorporated a little bit of Stars into it by casting Bummie and the stylist and having them eat Chicken and Beer. I am also happy to hear Min Ho speaking more English since he’s so tight-lip before.

So what is your favourite scene of episode 1? My favourite part would have to be Min Ho going “Ah Ah~~ what am I to do?” after sending the ‘I Love U’ sticker, hahaha!

Recaps for One Line Romance (2014) Episode 1 | 2 | 3 (End)

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  1. Totally agree…. The girl is a little too stiff in this …. They should cast someone with more chemistry….. Storyline is simple but fun to watch.


  2. my fave scene was when LMH went out and called Brown..just because of the ost..i’m dying to know what song that is!..seriouslly!!!


  3. the female lead looks like she’s undergone quite a bit plastic surgery. By the way, is episode 4 already out? cheers


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