[Drama News] Joo Won Confirms for Nodame Cantabile while Shim Eun Kyung Courted to Play Nodame


IT’S CONFIRMED! We have a Korean Chiaki! \(^0^)/

It sure took Joo Won a longggg time to decide whether he would take up the challenge in portraying Chiaki Shinichi made famous by Tamaki Hiroshi in the 2006 Japanese hit drama series – Nodame Cantabile. News had broken out back in February that he has been offered the role but it isn’t until today that the announcement of his confirmation is released.


In addition, actress Shim Eun Kyung has been offered the female lead role Noda Megumi made famous by Ueno Juri. Her agency – BH Entertainment confirms that the actress has received the script offer but has not yet made a decision. Interestingly the Japanese pairing has a 6 years age gap and they were perfect on-screen (except the lack of satisfying kissing scenes) while Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung have 7 years age gap. I have little doubt that age will become a hindrance as long as they are good actors and have the capability to be convincing on-screen as a couple. 🙂

I absolutely lub the Japanese manga adaptation of the live action drama/movies by Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi; one wrong move or casting made by this new adaptation, it might ruin the whole drama. Not to mention the original producers for the J-version are all super/crazy detailed perfectionists (or psychos), hence the standard set out for the K-version to outdo the J-version is pretty high. Ooooh~ how nerve wrecking! I believe there is still a long way to go for casting the perfect actors for this drama as the characters in Nodame Cantabile are pretty unique, weird and each to their own. It suddenly cross my mind that Jo Seung Woo would totally be awesome as Franz Von Stresemann (also known as Milch Holstein) but he’s not of the right age for Steresemann, lol. Now I really am starting to wonder who would be offered the roles of Mine, Masumi and Kiyora?

As for Joo Won, now that he has confirmed – it’s time to hit the musical school and start mastering in piano, violin and conducting! I want to be convinced on-screen that he at least looks real when fake-playing those musical instruments the genius Chiaki can play. I am confident that Joo Won can pass the comedic side of Chiaki but I am unsure if he would be mesmerizing as Tamaki Hiroshi’s Chiaki when playing piano, violin and during conducting. The character Chiaki Shinichi is a good-looking, confident, proud and prince-like sort of character and right now, I can’t picture Joo Won being that because I am still stucked with the image of Shi On from Good Doctor, lol!

A Korean title for Nodame Cantabile has yet to be decided and is scheduled for airing some time in or after October on KBS.

Introducing the awesomeness of some classic Nodame Cantabile scenes:

Since the K-version is really happening, I would like to introduce or take you all to revisit some Nodame scenes I really enjoyed. Alright, alright, I just feel like listening to some classical music right now 😛

[Episode 1] Sonata for 2 Pianos in D by Mozart

[Episode 4] Symphony No.7 by Beethoven

[Episode 7] Piano Concerto No.2 by Rachmaninoff


Source: Hankooki | Mediapen | News 1