God’s Gift – 14 Days


SBS drama God’s Gift – 14 Days starring Jo Seung Woo, Lee Bo Young, Jung Gyeo Woon, Kim Tae Woo and Kim Yoo Bin have successfully ended on April 22. We, the viewers, finally get our truth and mysteries solved. Hurray to my brain \(^o^)/

It is a pity that God’s Gift – 14 Days is not as well-received locally as I expected since I think they do have a very captivating script, but they have strong competition against Empress Ki where so far it has been leading in the Monday – Tuesday time slot against all other TV stations.

Title: 신의 선물 – 14일 / Shineui Sunmool – 14 Il
Genre: Melodrama, time travel, fantasy, suspense, thriller, action, mystery, crime
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 03.03.2014 to 22.03.2014
Director: Lee Dong Hoon
Screenwriter: Choi Ran
Original Soundtrack: God’s Gift – 14 Days OST
Link: Official Website



Han Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Bin) is a sweet 9 years old girl with a good heart, except she is given too much freedom running around without supervision. She gives her mother Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) quite a difficult time trying to discipline her and help her in homework. Kim Soo Hyun works as a writer for a show that document cases on serial killer or murderers in a broadcasting company named SBC, while her husband Han Ji Hoon (Kim Tae Woo) is a human rights lawyer.

Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) was a former police, but now works as a private investigator. He has an unforgettable dark past that involved witnessing his older brother Ki Dong Ho (Jung Eun Pyo) in a murder. Due to a client, he and Saet Byul crosses path once.


One night during a live broadcast regarding a serial killer case that Soo Hyun is responsible of, Saet Byul is kidnapped at SBC when she was supposed to meet up with her nanny at the parking lot. The kidnapper declares war against the government, and challenges the authority to find him by calling in the hotline set up by live broadcast; he announces that because of the president, Saet Byul will be sacrificed.

Days later, Soo Hyun and the police found Saet Byul’s body at a lake. Blaming herself and unable to let go of Saet Byul, Soo Hyun attempts to end her life at the lake. At that exact time, Dong Chan is tied up and thrown into the lake by thugs. Soo Hyun wakes up and finds herself on the shore; she returns home later and finds Saet Byul alive.

She soon realizes she has gone back in time – 14 days before Saet Byul’s death. Determined to change fate and protect Saet Byul this time, she sets out to stop the murder from happening with Dong Chan’s assistance. The mysteries begin to unfold, as they delve deeper in their investigation. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan realize everything and everyone are not what they seem. Who can they trust?


First, I want to applaud the screen writer Choi Ran for writing such a complicated mystery and is able to tie it all back together at the end of the drama. It shows that he or she has prepared and drawn out the plan before the drama has started filming. The official script may not have been finished, but the overall ‘blue print’ towards the intricate mystery of the storyline and characters involved were definitely completed. I cannot say the story itself is 100% perfect, as we know no drama is perfect. Even though the mystery is fully explained in the finale with many loose ends tied up, I believe many can still find flaws throughout; however, it is up to the audiences to accept the flaws and enjoyed a fully entertaining drama.

This drama is extremely entertaining in my honest opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrills and suspense it brought on-screen, and it kept us restless on our seats. It is such a brain teaser that even though I tell myself not to think or over-analyse, but the brain gets so stimulated that it wants to think about it. God’s Gift – 14 Days has very good cliff-hangers, and the most memorable would be when Soo Hyun was in a dark room and the door opens slowly with a creaking sound. The eeriness of that scene was executed really well. In addition, we have one heck of a fabulous casts and they were all really good in their own roles.


I was not fond of the character Ki Dong Chan at the beginning, but gradually as I watch him gives it all in helping Soo Hyun while fighting his own demon, I started loving this character. His interactions with little Saet Byul was so lovely and cute as well. Dong Chan was a jaded, hurt and lost beast, but slowly through helping Soo Hyun, he starts going through self-discovery and learns to be a better person. It was also cute that Dong Chan has a little crush on Soo Hyun, but that crush was short-lived and never developed further. I did not mind no romance at all since personally I don’t think Soo Hyun has the time or mood to be romancing anyone in 2 weeks, but still, I am surprised it didn’t happen in a K-drama, lol!


As for Soo Hyun, people may complain that she does a lot of stupid things, and she did do some irrational or rash things. But there were times where she did act smart and was able to think calmly when Dong Chan couldn’t. Soo Hyun as a character, may not be as interesting and multi-faceted as Dong Chan, and it is under-developed in my opinion. However, I can’t fully write her off negatively as a useless character because she is already behaving very courageously and strongly for a mother who has lost her child, and is going to lose her child for the second time. How many mothers can be like her when put in the same situation? Not many, I believe.

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Although the red herring in the storyline may seem unnecessary in the earlier episodes when you get closer to the truth (I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway), but overall, this drama is definitely worth a watch for those who are in search of a suspenseful and thrilling mystery drama. I will warn you this much – the drama begins with a mystery and to me, I believe it ended with a mystery too. Some people will hate part of the ending, but I think it ended true to the theme of God’s Gift – 14 Days. Also, I am one of the minorities that believe it otherwise. 🙂 Furthermore, I really like the fact that I did not see ‘it’ coming for the finale. It was a very well orchaestrated set up and it’s not because I never suspected it, but more of I didn’t see how it was possible and the way it gets weaved into what happened was what I didn’t expect, not at all. Writer-nim, I am impressed.

Lastly, fate isn’t 100% unchangeable. I believe fate is influenced and can be altered by choice. As we were given the clue about the Destiny cafe owner’s story in latter episode, the prophecy she has made towards Saet Byul – ‘only one will survive when the other disappear’ cannot be fully accountable as accurate. In addition, we were also shown in the second timeline that although fate still tries to run in its original course, but there were changes happening and so did the result, therefore I see no reason why the ending would have to end in what it was foretold. Oh and one more thing, I never expected that I will get explanation in the time traveling, so there is no disappointment that we did not get any for it’s pretty obvious – it’s God’s gift! :p


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