[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk Courted For Remake ‘Fated to Love You’


As previously mentioned, MBC has planned an adaptation of Taiwanese massive hit drama Fated to Love You (or I Love You Like Fate, a working title as well as the literal translation of the drama’s title in Korean), starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara as the leads. Now news has reported that they have approached the agency Red Brick House and courted Choi Jin Hyuk to play their second male lead.

It is said that discussion is actively in progress and thus is not yet confirmed that Choi Jin Hyuk will definitely take the role as the second male lead who falls in love with Jang Nara’s character Kim Mi Young.

Ugh~ I am hoping Red Brick House will say no. Why? Simple. Choi Jin Hyuk will not get his girl, again! If this reason is not good enough then how about he’s a male lead material so give him a male lead script? 😡

source: MyDaily


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk Courted For Remake ‘Fated to Love You’

  1. I was freaked out at first and thought he was going to replace JH. It would be cool if he’s in it too. That would make for a very strong. Well rounded cast.


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