[Drama News] Doctor Stranger Releases Official Posters & Third Teaser


Official posters and 3rd teaser trailer for the upcoming SBS drama Doctor Stranger are released today. I love the blue and white tone employed on the posters, although on a whole it didn’t scream ‘Wow! It’s beautiful’, instead it is rather ordinary. I do like the style Park Hae Jin is sporting even if he’s wearing the 90s style curtain hair, but he still looks damn fine. I do have an issue with curly-noodle-thick fringe that Lee Jong Suk is wearing because I don’t think it suits his character, but I supposed I’ll have to force myself to get used to it now, ugh. ~”~

Judging from the position of the four characters standing in the poster, it does look like the drama centres around Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Hoon and all other three are secondary leads. Whatever happened to dual male leads as advertised before? I do wish this isn’t the case when the drama starts and that Park Hae Jin gets as much screen time as Jong Suk. These two deserves to be male leads in a drama.

Teaser Trailer #3

This short teaser still employs the same melodramatic tone like the previous two and is suggesting that when Park Hoon lost his first love, he has a 180 personality change. He behaves slovenly and mucks around most of the time unless he is in the operation room where he becomes serious and professional (as described in his character description). I can now understand why the curly hairstyle – it is to differentiate and emphasize on the change in personality and demeanor.


Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk)
20+ years old. Genius thoraic surgeon who was born in South Korea but grew up in the North. Inherited his genius skills from his father Park Chul. When he first met his first love Song Jae Hee, he knew she is the one. After losing his love, he becomes a stranger in his home country. “I will give my everything to who I trusted to be my love destiny”.


Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin)
30+ years old. Graduated from Harvard and becomes the best elite doctor in Korea. He possesses a calm, rational and sensible mind. He is kind and polite to everyone but sometimes his cold behaviour makes him unpredictable. He knew Oh Soo Hyun is the daughter of the University’s chairman/director and is all in his plan to become her lover.
Han Jae Joon is a man like the deep sea as he never shows his true heart.


Han Seung Hee (Jin Se Yeon)
20+ years old Anesthesiologist. Apart from being an outstanding anesthesiologist, this woman is a mystery as there is no other information available about her. Her presence confuses Park Hoon as she is identical to his first love. Eventually she joins Park Hoon’s surgical team as his anesthesiologist.


Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra)
Early 30 years old chest surgeon who was abandoned by her mother when young and grew up under the despise of her half-brother. In order to win her father’s love, she works hard to become a doctor. She is lonelier than anyone else and longs to be loved.When she’s tired of the world, Han Jae Joon came along and filled her heart with warmth. Just as she thought her love with Jae Joon is true love, she meets Park Hoon and sees how he struggles to find & fight for his first love and that causes her to start question if the love she strongly believes in is love…


Character Stills
I prefer straight hair Park Hoon!!! 😥
Park Hae Jin looks sophisticated

source: Official Website