[Drama News] Kim Sang Joong Making Guest Appearance in Doctor Stranger


It has been announced that actor Kim Sang Joong will make a guest appearance in the upcoming SBS drama Doctor Stranger. From what I gathered, the casts of City Hunter have become very good friends with PD Jin Hyuk and they have since either worked together with him again or made special guest appearances in the drama he directs e.g. The Master’s Sun where Kim Sang Joong has also guest starred. Argh~ this is really a mini-reunion for the City Hunter casts minus the man City Hunter himself!

Despite his busy schedule, Kim Sang Joong has agreed to do a special guest appearance for PD Jin Hyuk as Park Chul – Park Hoon’s (Lee Jong Suk) father. Kim Sang Joong’s role as Park Chul is a renowned top figure of Korea for his cardiac surgery skills, but he is incapable of expressing his love and caring for his son, Park Hoon.

Oh my god, evil daddy is back! Okay, he’s not going to be evil (I think) but it’s what we started calling him after City Hunter. I sure am looking forward to Lee Jong Suk going up against Kim Sang Joong in terms of acting. It would be interesting to watch. Lee Min Ho vs Kim Sang Joon was superb so yeah, it’s going to be a treat if Jong Suk can create sparks with Kim Sang Joong in this one. ❤


A get together meal of the City Hunter casts in 2013. PD Jin Hyuk is the one taking the photo.

Aish~ now I am really looking forward to watch this drama because (1) I miss the City Hunter casts and (2) it’s not just going to be Kim Sang Joong but also Chun Ho Jin, Choi Jung Woo and my personal favourite “Shik Joong ahjussi” Kim Sang Ho. [抓狂] Just to be clear, I don’t have ahjussi fetish – it’s just that these ahjussi are all fantastic actors and with all other City Hunter casts, they really made a huge difference to the quality of City Hunter. Now when can I get a proper reunion of all original casts of City Hunter in a new drama?

Source: TV Report | Wowstar