[Drama News] SBS Drops More Stills for Doctor Stranger


SBS must be planning to strike while the iron is still hot on Doctor Stranger by releasing more promotional stills of Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra this week to attract viewers’ interest. We get first glimpse into a scene where Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) is deep in concentration in an operation that was filmed last month Mar 23. That scene is definitely shot while Park Hoon is in North Korea. The clue is the photo frames on the wall (again, ha!). We also get to see the stills of the elite couple Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) and Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra).


I actually like what I see between Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin! šŸ˜€ Are those invisible ‘chemical reactions’ I’m seeing between them? The first photo of Kang So Ra smiling so cutely at Park Hae Jin and then the warm and gentle smile from Park Hae Jin looking at her had me at ‘awww’. Although I am not digging the picture of the serious and ‘heavy’ atmosphere beside the one where Park Hae Jin is giving the warming smile. Did the patient die or something?


And now we get to Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) whose facial expression tells me things are not going right for him, too? Or he manages to save his patient? He has to, I mean, they have to since all of them are the elites! Ah well, we shall find out when it airs on May 5.

Teaser to Doctor Stranger can be found: Here