[Drama News] JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Z:EA’s Im Si Wan First Teaser Stills from Triangle


MBC upcoming drama Triangle has released their first promotion stills featuring Kim Jaejoong of JYJ. Well well, why am I not surprised it’s Jaejoong’s stills being released first? I am kind of glad to see him back on the small screen and challenging himself again as I do enjoy watching him child-fight Ji Sung in Protect The Boss. 😀 It was just unfortunate for all actors and actresses in Dr. Jin that the drama was a huge flop. I don’t think it is the actors or their acting that is the problem, it is whoever wrote the scripts needed to be shot (and I refused to look up names). Let’s hope this time, Jaejoong has a better luck in Triangle 🙂

And then we have Im Si Wan of Z:EA stills come in second to further promote the drama and grab viewers’ attention. In the picture, he is seen sitting in front of a gambling table with plentiful chips in front of him. He is currently undergoing professional card dealer training for his role.


Jaejoong plays Heo Young Dal, a character that is very different to the roles he had played in his previous dramas. His character is supposed to be manly; uses his fists and wit to survive on the streets.In the released stills, we see him showing his bad-boy ‘gangster’ side as he rides on a motorcycle wearing leather jacket and pants (I approved). It’s just too bad the person sitting behind him is a man and not a beautiful lady! Oh, did I mention I dig that hairstyle? It looks really good on him. [good]


Triangle tells the story of three brothers who got separated after losing their parents and the series of events and romance that happened in their life. It is a big production romance (and definitely melo) drama. Jaejoong’s role as Heo Young Dal is the middle brother, whose real name is Jang Dong Chul. Lee Bum Soo (Prime Minister & I, Dr. Jin) reunites with Jaejoong and play his older brother Jang Dong Soo and Im Si Wan of Z:EA (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) plays the youngest brother, Jang Dong Woo.


Im Si Wan was adopted by a rich family while he was still a baby and had his name completely changed from Jang Dong Woo to Yoon Yang Ha. He graduated with casino and hotel management from University of Nevada, Reno. In comparison to his two older brothers, Yang Ha is considered to have brought up with love from his adopted parents.

Si Wan expresses that he was curious and read a few of those books about chances of winning (at the casino) but it was his first day of training and the content of what he learnt was his first, the rules are difficult so he had asked the teacher a lot of questions. Normally a card dealer would need to be trained for 6 months before getting the green light to be on the table and he is currently getting a crash course.


Triangle takes over the Monday-Tuesday slot on MBC after Empress Ki and is set to premiere May 5.

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