[Drama News] Seo In Guk Confirms to star in tvN’s Next Drama


After the success of Reply 1997, Seo In Guk will reunite with tvN as he is being cast alongside Lee Ha Na as leads for the upcoming drama High Schooler King of Life (working title). This drama is scheduled to take over the Monday-Tuesday slot of current drama Witch’s Romance.

High Schoolder King of Life (고교처세왕) is a romantic comedy regarding a clueless and naïve high school student becoming the leader of a large company. Seo In Guk plays Lee Min Suk – the main striker of his hockey team and is the most popular high schooler in his school. In the drama, he takes his older brother’s place to become a company’s head of planning department. Lee Ha Na plays Jung Soo Young, who is one of the employees of the company and will have romantic scenes with Seo In Guk. Together, the drama turns into a series of an interesting story of twists and turns. The drama is set to air some time in June.

Funny how Witch’s Romance has only started to air and here we have news of the next drama in plan. Nonetheless, I am happy to see In Guk back on-screen as a male lead. [鼓掌] I really like him as Yoon Yoon Jae in Reply 1994 with A-Pink’s Eunji and I also like his character and performance in the movie No Breathing. I did enjoy watching him in The Master’s Sun but also thought it was a bit of waste for him as a second male lead. The boy is definitely a male lead material so YES to this drama and note: it’s “romantic comedy”! [嘻嘻] As for Lee Ha Na, I am actually unfamiliar with this lady and she doesn’t have a lot of projects under her profile; I guess I will have to find out if she and In Guk will make a good pairing when the drama airs.

In addition, Seo In Guk has pulled out of the movie Stray Dog due to delay caused by financial difficulty.

Source: Osen | TV Report