My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss

My Love From The Stars to many people may be mediocre, or perhaps think there is nothing great about it. However, to many others and I, it is definitely special and still is. I can only say because it was super cute (of the written characters and the way the story was told) and it is a ‘true’ romance comedy.

The success of this drama, regardless of its flaw, has got to be uri OTP – Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi – perfectly portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. Their combination work for us (ok, me!) because their interactions and skinship were natural. They were comfortable with each other and has exploding chemistry from day 1 (episode 1), which makes it convincing on-screen for their characters’ developing relationship. And then of course both happen to look so gorgeous physically even though they clearly has a wide age difference; however, you see none of that when they are together.


As we know, their first kiss started off as a soft peck on the lips that Song Yi stole from Min Joon (so cute!), and it slowly developed to many other kisses (the most I’ve seen = I’m happy) and finally, this one last kiss where we actually get to see both in action (and deep into it too!). Let’s face it, actresses in K-drama don’t usually kiss back, and we should be grateful if they don’t look like they were forced to kiss a toad. So the kisses in this drama and especially the last one, is worthy for us to bring out the soju (figuratively speaking) and throw a party.


Some believed there was tongue action, but I don’t think so – purely based on the aspect that they are professional actor/actress, and it would be inappropriate to tongue someone at work. In Kim Soo Hyun’s recent fan meet, the host mentioned ‘tongue kiss’, and it was made a big deal because Kim Soo Hyun did not deny it; however, we wouldn’t know for sure because the interpreter may not have properly translated ‘tongue’. Anyway, with or without tongue – I am very sure it was a very satisfying kiss for the viewers, and was a suitable reunion kiss for the finale (Rant: this is how Faith should have ended… *still sulking over it, yes*).

The kiss, however, felt short because the camera changes scene from their beautiful kiss to shocked faces and the media flashing at them. Therefore here is a BTS fan cam and some pictures from Cagiya who participated in filming the last kiss scene, and I thought I will share with my fellow Stars lovers.

[HD Fan-vid] Behind The Scene of The Last Kiss

[NEW!][HD]Fam Cam: The Last Kiss

I just want to ask how many versions of this kiss is the director hiding from us? With the obsession and love I have for the Stars couple, I really wish I could hack, or steal the tapes to the whole drama; lock myself up in my room for a day or two and cut out all the scenes I love! ❤ Needless to say, this version is over the top, sizzling hot and sweet. I’m not a shipper of the double Hyun and I don’t care if they really are attracted to each other in real life or is into their characters. I just want to praise them for their professionalism, and for giving me such a lovely memory of a drama couple so natural on-screen. *Thumbs up*

BTS Pictorials of Min Joon & Song Yi

Both of them really stood out from the crowd with what they were wearing that day: Soo Hyun in that Balmain coat and Ji Hyun in that white dress. They complimented each other like lock & key with one dress in all black and the other in all white. Them – deep in their characters are match made in heaven. If you ever want to purify your eyes, they are definitely the top candidates to purify your eyes with, LOL!







The Last Kiss

Both Soo Hyun and Ji Hyun standing by for their take 🙂




Okay, here is why I said I’d feel like a byeontae to some people but I have every (good) reason to adore these captured moment. If you hate it or think this is inappropriate, then turn away now!












BTS Pictorials of Kim Soo Hyun

That night was freezing cold for the casts and crews, especially Jeon Ji Hyun. That Balmain coat may look warm, but it doesn’t look like it was thick enough because Soo Hyun still needed another layer of wind-breaker. He was wearing it in between takes, and waiting for his turn. He was seen standing at the same place, but always making some small movement. At one point, his assistant brought him portable heaters to keep him warm.









I have actually composed and completed this a week ago, but decided to hold it off and concentrate on delivering the drama review first; as the review serves as a proper post regarding the drama, whereas this is dedicated to fangirling / saluting the couple’s chemistry. I guess I just feel like spazzing about it. *shrugs*

I just had to include Chen Bo Yan’s beautiful artwork at the end. It’s just too beautiful ~

Nonetheless, I only hope this post brings a little smile to everyone who loved the drama as much as I did. Wish you all a happy weekend! ^ ^

Source: Cagiya & 陳柏言 (Chen Bo Yan)
(Do not edit/modify owner’s work. Take out with full credit)


11 thoughts on “My Love From The Stars: The Last Kiss

  1. Faith SHOULD have ended like that, with some sort of kiss at least! I WAS mad that they only stood there starting at each other like idiots/crazy people/(insert appropriate word/s here). Anyway, this did bring a smile to my face, as anything concerning this drama does – who didn’t like it?! Thank you. 😀

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  2. The last kiss was passionate and appropriate for the ending.. loved it so much as it was a kiss that portrays the longing from both characters (afterall, they have waited to see each other for 3 years!).. I can’t help noticing though KSH always blushes in all the kissing scenes.. check out his ears! they are always really red when he was doing the kissing scenes.. 🙂

    thanks for posting! really enjoyed reading your posts..!

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  3. love all the cast esp the lovers..outstanding story for this one!
    will expect more for this couple a movie!
    hope it will be granted soon ever..


  4. YES! I too felt that last kiss. I really think its the best kissing scene ever. All the emotion was there.
    At first I thought all the kissing scenes would be just like a peck like the first one all throughout the series. But everytime they get to kiss again, it gets more passionate than the last time.

    Their chemistry is so good and I love how this drama ended (though I screamed “more!!” at the last episode) lol. 😛

    Thank you for posting this! ^____^

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  5. Thanks for the post… and I enjoyed this “last kiss” because it showed “real” emotions in a way it perfectly conveyed how happy they were to be finally reunited, how much they longed to be in each others arms, then after a few seconds be apart again. That’s why for me it seemed that their “last kiss” had to be that way. Because Do Min Joon might be gone again and never come back. It was definitely hot because if I’m not mistaken this is the only romatic comedy K-Drama I have watched with kisses such as theirs. The chemistry is definitely there. The kisses didn’t look awkward or just a pose like you would normally see in BTS nad NGs. It was because these two how they acted their character how it seemed so real made me hook. This ending didn’t left me empty instead it gave me an assurance that no matter how much I watch it all over again it will still make me cry and smile.

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  6. Thanks for the effort, love d post. I, too, am a fan of U WHO CAME FROM D STARS (here in my country, its MY LOVE FROM THE STAR).
    They (KSH & JJH) portrayed their characters well. Yes, they really look good together! Looking forward fot the part2! :)
    It just ended here few days ago but i still can’t gdt over it! :)

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  7. What a happy treat.. thank you for posting ^^ your blog is really interesting .. I’m also a big fan of Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi.. I like KSH and JJH chemistry in The Thieves, but it was left unfinished. So watching them together again in My Love from The Star is like a dream come true..

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  8. im a big fun of do min joon and cheon song yi.. please extend my request to the director…My love from the star part 2..looking forward for the part 2/season2..since mr do and song yi dreamed about their future family…so excited..


  9. Thank you for this post, I’m really a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun..Honestly I’ve never seen any Korean drama my whole life and this is the very first korean drama that i got interested with. I love the story, It never ceased to amaze me. I’ve seen it 10x already and I will still continue to do so..Got hooked to it. Hope I could see them together again in the future

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