My Love From The Stars: Director’s Cut DVD Preview Teaser

Arf! The PD of My Love From The Stars decided to release a preview of what we will get in the Director’s cut DVD,  due to release some time April 25. And oh my god, I love the preview! I see so much interactions between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. I feel the happiness and fun already just watching the behind the scenes! Awww, I miss them. Unfortunately the quality of the video isn’t superb so I couldn’t go crazy with the screencaps, so you guys will just have to abuse the replay button like I’m going to after I finished with this post. 🙂

P.S. Now I deeply regret not throwing my hard earn cash at this director’s cut DVD. I didn’t get it because (1) it was not Blu-ray, meaning it’s not going to satisfy the HD beast in me (2) it’s too costly. [泪流满面] Why oh why they release a preview teaser to torture me? [飙泪] Now I’m just dying to see bloopers/NGs and BTS.

P.P.S. Kim Soo Hyun is spotted in a University today, somewhere in Korea filming CF for Samsung but Jeon Ji Hyun is no where to be seen. He looks good in a suit and a backpack. It looks a lot like he’s reminiscing his character Do Min Joon for the CF. I did notice he has been sporting Do Min Joon look in China for his fan meeting 90% of the time so it might be the Chinese’s request that he continues to dress like Do Min Joon since after all, the Stars is the reason that Chinese are crazy about at the moment. Note: This is based on my observation, nothing solid to prove I’m right 😀

Now on to the exciting DVD preview! Yippeeeeee ~



Favourite Parts from the preview:

(1) On the icy lake, Soo Hyun pulls Ji Hyun towards him but she was slipping and he holds her closer to prevent her falling (that hand … umm…)

(2) The laughing is contagious – watching them rehearsing a scene and laughed makes me grin as wide as The Joker’s grin.

(3) Soo Hyun making weird sound to call to his water glass and then laughed, LOL! What a dork!

(4) The Kiss ~ arghhh the kiss. No need words, you guys know what I feel.


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  1. Hi! Is there a chance that we can watch the NGs in the internet? 🙂 I’m dying to see them all too! Thanks! ❤


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