[K-Movie] Hyun Bin as King Jeong Jo in The Fatal Encounter (Yeo Krin)

%EA%B0%80%EB%A1%9C%ED%98%95-%EC%B5%9C%EC%A2%85_0430 The Fatal Encounter (Korean Title: Yeo Krin) is a movie based on real life assassination on King Jeong Jo, portrayed by Hyun Bin. This is Hyun Bin’s first period/historical drama as well as his comeback project after fulfilling his duty at the mandatory military service. Joining Hyun Bin in The Fatal Encounter, we have Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince), Jo Jung Suk (The Face Reader, The King 2Hearts), Kim Sung Ryung (The Jackal, The Heirs), Jung Jae Young, Cho Jae Hyun, Park Sung Woong and Jung Eun Chae. The movie is directed by Lee Jae Kyu who is responsible for the drama The King 2Hearts and Beethoven Virus.


Look how beautiful this shot is!

I am definitely a little cuckoo for wanting to watch this but I couldn’t turn my eyes away from the beautiful movie posters, stills and the trailer looks fantastic! I am one of those who prefers to watch light, cheery romance comedy but I do occasionally get suck into watching heavier drama/movie such as these. This is quite similar to the Chinese period movies I have seen that depict the assassination of Emperor Qin (aka. Qin Shi Huang) of China. Well if I can enjoy watching the Chinese ones as well as The Face Reader then there is no reason I would not be able to stomach this one. 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B019%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8_206 A little background on King Jeong Jo (from Wikipedia): King Jeong Jo (1752-1800) was the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. He witnessed the death of his father Crown Prince Sado, who was executed by a royal decree ordered by his grandfather King Yeong Jo. How cruel, grand-father, how cruel. He was subsequently caught in the midst of fierce party strife between the Noron and Soron factions during his reign. Uh oh… Noron and Soron? Whaatttt? Aish, I’m going to get confused watching this since my knowledge of Joseon history = Chun Song Yi’s knowledge between mocha seed and cotton seed, i.e. zero. Hahaha! 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B013%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8_223 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B070%ED%9A%8C-007 The plot of the movie revolves around King Jeong Jo and what happened to him and the people involved within 24 hours. Sounds hectic and I am hoping the movie will have an adrenaline rush sort of pacing. Kim Sung Ryung is Lady Hye Gyeong, the king’s mother and Han Ji Min as Queen Jeong Sun (Queen Dowager), the consort of former King Yeong Jo and is Jeong Jo’s political rival. sj_2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B076%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8117 sj_2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B063%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8195 The assassination takes place one year after his reign in 1777 where he lives among his opposition and threats from those who harbour political ambitions. Jo Jung Suk plays the deadliest assassin hired to kill Jeong Jo within 24 hours whereas Jung Jae Young as Gap Soo, a court servant whom King Jeong Jo most trusted but he originally entered the palace as an undercover assassin. Within 24 hours, we will see how King Jeong Jo struggles to fight his enemies; decides who is ‘to live’, ‘to kill’ and ‘to protect & save’. 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B023%ED%9A%8C009 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B032%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8039 Personally I like the Korean title ‘Yeo Krin’ better – it translates into something that means a scale (lamella) that grew in opposite direction of the others. Legend says it is found somewhere below the throat of a dragon. As we know in ancient times, mystical creatures such as dragon represent the king/emperor and phoenix for a queen/empress. It is said that dragons can be trained and tamed to ride on but if you touched the area where the forbidden Yeo Krin is, it will anger the dragon and attract ones’ own death. So Yeo Krin in this context means that the king too has a ‘Yeo Krin’ (=taboo so to speak?), if the people does not provoke him, generally he will not be angered. Pretty cool description, eh? 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B022%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8_127-2 2013%EC%97%AD%EB%A6%B013%ED%9A%8C%EC%B0%A8_184 The Fatal Encounter will be released on April 30, 2014 and the film will also have a limited theatrical run in 25 North American cinemas on May 23.




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