Hunger Strikes Thanks to Jeon Ji Hyun the CF Queen

It is really a bad idea to look at Jeon Ji Hyun‘s CFs right now as her current and newest CFs have everything to do with food! Gaaahhhh I am hungry. Chicken and beer made famous once again by Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love From The Stars has put her under the radar for BHC food company. They recently courted Jeon Ji Hyun to be the spokeperson for their products. And then we also have Jeon Ji Hyun’s contract continuation with Paris Baguette. Mon dieu, my stomach is growling! I’m very sure I will be pigging out on my dinner when it is ready.



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To remind ourselves that we must take care of our health and figure, I will end it with her cosmetic beauty brand CF – VB Program by Amore Pacific. BWAHAHAHA!


Jeon Ji Hyun is really Chun Song Yi  in real life, isn’t she? Apart from being gorgeous both on and off-screen, I kinda am not seeing anything different to the real her and Chun Song Yi from these CFs especially the Paris Baguette ones. Hopefully she will choose her new project soon and we’ll get to see her back on the screen, be it small or big. Before that we do have the Samsung Galaxy S5 event at Beijing on April 18 to look forward to, which we can see her standing alongside Kim Soo Hyun. *Wheeeee* Now now, don’t go buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 because they are endorsing it; buy a phone that you will like for its functions and design.

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