[Drama News] First Teaser for Doctor Stranger


Upcoming SBS drama Doctor Stranger starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin has released its first teaser trailer and must say, I did not expect to see it so soon. It doesn’t show much on the plot but cinematography-wise like I had expected, looks good. However, these teasers can be misleading so I’ll reserve from expecting too much for now.

Something else caught my attention and that is the airing date. It says May 5! Is that mean God’s Gift – 14 Days is going to have two episodes extension and the finale ends at 18 episodes? Eek! I’m not so sure that is a good idea for God’s Gift. And another thing I didn’t expect is judging from the teaser, Doctor Stranger is also an action drama, lol! Okay, enough teasing on the drama. šŸ˜›

Other stills released include Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon with his first love Song Jae Hee played by Jin Se Yeon when they were still lovey-dovey and perfectly happy in North Korea. Well at least this time it isn’t going to be noona-puppy loveline. The stills doesn’t tell us much except Park Hoon hasn’t become the cold person we saw from previous released stills and he still pretty much looking like the Park Soo Ha I knew (Aish~).

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Teaser Trailer



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  1. Looks really cool; now I’m (unwillingly) intrigued after initially dismissing this as just another medical drama, which genre I’m not interested in. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Just looking at my (long) list of favorites, it would seem that the RomCom is my No. 1 preferred genre. But RomComs often veer into the melodramatic in their latter half, and I don’t mind that either (if it’s done well). Even if a drama is a full-on melo from the start, I can watch and enjoy it–as long as a HEA is guaranteed. Then I also watch the occasional action drama (I loved City Hunter), the occasional family drama, and plenty of fusion sageuk (TMTETS, The Princess’ Man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal). I also like paranormal/fantasy elements in a drama (YFAS, Bride of the Century, I Hear Your Voice)… Wow, I really do watch all genres, don’t I? Lol. So I suppose it’s doesn’t come down to the genre after all, when I pick a drama to watch. It comes down to the story, and in particular the ROMANCE. Because I admit: I watch K-dramas for the romance. If the drama doesn’t have romance at all, I won’t watch. If it doesn’t have a HEA, it won’t be a keeper despite how good it may have been in all other respects.
      The one exception to my having watched basically all genres at one point or another: I honestly have never watched a medical K-drama. I just don’t find the genre appealing in general, and in particular: from the comments and recaps I’ve seen on the net (about Good Doctor, Medical Top Team, Emergency Couple etc.), not a single medical drama has caught my eye so far to the extent that I wanted to try it. And Doctor Stranger, when it was first announced, didn’t seem like it would break that streak for me. But now I might just change my mind. šŸ™‚
      Sorry for the long answer.


      • Yes, regarding picking a drama for the actors–I do that too, in the sense that if I like the actors from other projects, I’ll keep an eye out toward their future projects. But I won’t blindly watch anything and everything a particular actor stars in (unless that actor is Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun and probably Lee Seung Gi too–in which case: yep, I’ll watch even a crappy drama just for the eye candy). But above everything else and regardless of the actors involved, the STORY itself has to click with me (and as I said, in 90% of the cases there has to be a romance).
        If its story setup alone doesn’t draw me in, a drama might still get a second chance to go on my to-be-watched list if it’s been recc-ed by people I trust. There are sites like this one and Dramabeans that I frequent, and then there’s my cozy little K-drama-watching group on Amazon, where all newer dramas have been disseminated at one point or another. So for example, I knew all about the missing/lacking emotional beats in, say, Emergency Couple, even without watching it, and I decided against watching the drama myself.
        Regarding God’s Gift: I’m not watching it at the moment (not a big fan of live watching, anyway, except when I’m literally crazy about a drama and can’t help myself). If it stays a good drama until the end, I might watch it even if it doesn’t have romance (that’s my 10% of flexibility that I mentioned above, lol). After all, when I watch a 50-episode family drama, it might well be that the main romance doesn’t get started in earnest until episode 15-20. That’s like the length of a miniseries like God’s Gift so… Yeah, I’ll definitely give this drama a chance if people keep recc-ing it.
        Regarding what types of Asian dramas I watch… It’s mainly K-dramas, I admit. I tried some Thai dramas–but they drove me crazy not so much with the rapey plots paradoxically, as with the unbearable screechiness and TSTL-ness (I know that’s not a word, lol) of the leads; some TW dramas–but they lack production values and story quality compared to K-dramas; some J-dramas–but in my experience they lack romance compared to K-dramas. So basically, I just prefer K-dramas because I find them better made and more emotionally rich than the other Asian dramas. But I will watch the one or the other non-K-drama once in a while. For example, I loved Summer’s Desire. I liked Autumn’s Concerto and the Japanese Hana Yori Dango. And since you rec Nagareboshi so highly, I’m definitely willing to give it a chance. Now if only my to-be-watched list weren’t the size of a small country. Sigh. šŸ™‚


  2. Well, that was overly dramatic. I hope “Doctor Stranger” doesn’t make my toes curl, because that teaser trailer kind of did.


    • Unfortunately, no. Because the clips have no context, the overacting was rampant in that teaser.


      • They obviously invested money into this series, with some filming done outside of South Korea, so production values should be high. I do plan on giving “Doctor Stranger” a chance, but I am little worried after seeing this teaser.


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