[Drama News] Ueno Juri Seeks Revenge in Alice no Toge


Ueno Juri returns to small screen to star in the upcoming TBS drama Alice’s Thorn (Japanese title: Alice no Toge). Those who know Juri will have the image of her as Noda Megumi from Nodame Cantabile – weird, hentai, bubbly and cheerful – deeply embedded in their minds; however in this drama, we won’t be seeing any of that because she has taken on a dead serious role that is out to seek revenge for her father.

It has been awhile since I watch Juri’s drama and I would have to say out of all the dramas she has done, Nodame Cantabile is still my favourite. Juri is a fabulous actress and she thrives to challenge herself by doing different type of roles. She is Nodame from the manga in the live action drama, they are so similar even physically that I wonder if the author did draw Nodame with Juri in her mind.

But it is time to put Nodame behind us and embrace a whole new Juri. Apart from Juri, the drama also starred Fujiwara Norika (With Love), Nakamura Aoi (Legal High) and Kuriyama Chiaki (Kill Bill Vol.1, ATARU) and it will premiere this coming Friday, April 11.

Title: Alice ‘s Thorn (アリスの棘)
Genre: Suspense
Broadcast Network: TBS
Broadcast Date: 11 April 2014 @ 10PM, Friday
Official Website: Alice no Toge @ TBS | Facebook

Plot Summary
Mizuno Asumi (Ueno Juri) lost her father at age 14 when he died from a surgical mistake at a University Hospital. The incident was covered up and now all grown up and as a new doctor in the University Hospital, she vows to avenge her father’s death and expose the people who are responsible. The beautiful and popular elite doctor – Date Risa (Fujiwara Norika) is one of the them.

Teaser Trailer

I’m not exactly sure I will like this sort of drama but it doesn’t hurt to try out a couple of episodes to get a feel of it. Plot wise it sounds like a re-hash and we just see a bunch of new people being put into it, but then these sort of storylines are always recycled in drama land. So to me, as long as the producers are capable in making it entertaining and suspenseful (with a twist), it will still sell and connect with the audiences.