Lee Min Ho: “KyoChon’s Chicken, Beer or Me?”


I swear both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun will be the death of me with all these activities going on non-stop, although I do not intend to update all of their scheduled activities but occasionally I couldn’t resist because (1) They purify my eyes (2) I love them (3) I miss seeing them in dramas so this is the only way to quench my thrist of them (figuratively speaking).

Has anyone had dinner yet? Should we have supper at KyoChon for some fried chicken (and beer) endorsed by uri Min Ho-ssi, Crazies?

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Gifs: courtesy of Minoarhi

Source: KyoChon


4 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho: “KyoChon’s Chicken, Beer or Me?”

  1. 우린 이런이야기 막 하기로 한거야? @ducky chingu .my dearest chingus can you help me in translating what this means. ..I do have the most spiciest story to tell you.

    Aneseyong chinguz how are you all doing? ?


    • @mappyminho – lucky frau told me about your post or I would have missed it. I have no idea what that sentence says but google translate it as ‘in this talk, we just decided to do’
      Hopefully someone can help you….
      I’ve been good but really busy with real life stuff and you? How are you doing chingu?
      Tell me tell me this spicy story you have hehehe


      • @Ducky @ Crazy9 Anneseyong Chinguz , my dearest gals mianhae for being MIA for long tym!!! @Lucky frau- kamsahmida!!! i owe you all a huge treat!! @ Ducky Chingu kamsamhida… The sentence “In this talk, we just decided to do”, was posted by leeminho line network . that’s the spiciest story from my side!! I’ve been kinda busy with all work dumped on me by my most unfavorite boss in the world!! (I do Hate my Boss
        :-P), Dang i dunno how to post the conversation of line network, how do i post pics!! Chingu Help me, will treat you loadz!


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