Lee Min Ho Attended 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment Conference


The shocking news (at least for me) of today was seeing Lee Min Ho walking and sitting few metres away from Korea’s President Park Geun Hye. Apparently, uri Min Ho has been invited to attend as a representative of entertainment industry at the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4 to offer suggestions on the topic of ‘Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave.’

The conference is presided by President Park Geun Hye herself and attended by the chairman, experts and members of the Presidential Commitee for Cultural Enrichment. They discussed about the future plans for developing and expanding the country’s cultural content market. As the only entertainer and representative who attended the meeting, Lee Min Ho gave suggestions to the development of Hallyu culture by sharing his own experience with the commitee members.


Min Ho Lee proposed, “There needs to be transition in a cultural environment allowing for diverse artists to be involved, thus eventually creating outstanding contents through Hanryu. The critical focus must not solely be on deriving profits, but rather on respecting each other’s cultures and working to communicate effectively.” (source: Starhaus)


The event planner revealed that the Hallyu waves once triggered in Japan with the drama Winter Sonata has now spreaded to China and is still expanding outwards (to other countries), thus, as the pioneer of the new Hallyu wave – Lee Min Ho became the representative and symbolic figure of the entertainment industry.


During the conference, President Park showed her utmost interest in the development of cultural contents industry. Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment said that when President Park took over the presidential office, she has appointed to promote Korean culture as part of the national policy, emphasized that creative economy is an important and aided means in rejuvenating a country’s economy; whereas an entertainer expands the Korean culture, plays a part in bringing about the trend of creative economy and serves as a shortcutting promotion of the country’s image.


WOAH! Just … woah! This is a huge honour, isn’t it? I mean, personally I think celebrities should stay clear and remain Switzerland when it comes to politics but in this case, this isn’t that sort of politics we are talking about. This is about promoting Korean culture through his line of work to the whole wide world sort of politics and it is for the benefits his country so there is no reason for him in declining this invitation. I am indeed surprised he was picked over someone managerial from the entertainment industry to be part of the conference meeting, maybe they do have other businessman from the industry that provide suggestions from the business perspectives and Lee Min Ho is chosen for the sole reason of the committe members wanting to hear from an entertainer/employee, and not a businessman/employer that runs the entertainment industry. *Shrugs*

I think it is very smart of them to think of using the entertainment industry as their first line of ‘attack’ on the world. It would have been much easier to invade people’s life through entertainment (Hollywood is the best example) so I think they are going about this the right way. It is quite true that as a public figure like the celebrities, they are the bridge that forms the connection between us (the foreigners) with Korea, the people and its culture. Through getting to know them and the dramas they are in, we learn about Korea and it interest us in wanting to visit Korea or buy its products (thus we help boost Korea’s economy through tourism and other means).


Lee Min Ho looked very different at the conference today. He wore a deadpan, serious face and looked extremely out of place. I bet he felt every bit uncomfortable being there and intimidated too. He must also be very nervous yet honoured. Today, his Minoz are dead proud of him as well. Hahaha! Well done boy and I hope through this, it will escalate and stabilize your star status in Korea (you have been recognised by the Blue House as the pioneer of the new Hallyu wave) as well as overseas until the day you retire from the entertainment industry. Oh~ make more drama, pleaseeeee!

Source: Starhaus | TV Report | The President’s Blog


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  1. @La Petite I’m so proud of our boy! He looked so serious and sincere when he was talking 😀 😉 I hope those who doubted his popularity will realize how wrong they are!

    LMHot, jik jin! 😀

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