[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: The Elite of The Elites that is Dr. Park Hae Jin

Yesterday we were introduced to Lee Jong Suk‘s character stills and in today’s released stills, we see Park Hae Jin perfectly transforms into his character in the upcoming SBS drama, Doctor Stranger.

Park Hae Jin plays the calm and top elite of South Korea – Han Jae Joon, who was an associate professor of Havard University Hospital (Hahaha, I expect you to speak fluent English now Hae Jin-ah) and is the elite of the elites as he had become the newly appointed chief of thoraic department at Myeong Woo University Hospital. His nobleman-like appearance and gentlemanly demeanour will capture the female hearts at Myeong Woo University Hospital (and perhaps ours?).


Han Jae Joon has everything – a handsome face, ability, good manners and is deemed “the perfect man of this age”. He also possesses leadership skills and is very professional during an operation; he is considered as the top class of the best elite thus grabbing much love and attention from the ladies. Forgive me but isn’t this description a little too much? So much so that it gives me goosebumps and wanting to gag. I love Park Hae Jin but the praises and descriptions for Han Jae Joon is just… I don’t know… too much, just too much. Haha.

From the released stills, Park Hae Jin has shown us what a top elite of Korea looks like with his elegance and fashionable grace. In one of the stills, he is seen wearing a classic suit and a surgeon’s operation gown without losing any fashion sense. The look in his eyes during normal times and at an operation shows us a huge contrast and thus left us a rather deep impression.

To better prepare himself in order to portray his role perfectly, Park Hae Jin has revealed that he had watched a lot of medical documentaries and movies so that he could get a better understanding of a medical scene. He would also observe an on-going operation whenever he finds time and is working hard to make his performance during a medical operation looks like a real-life situation. Park Hae Jin is also seen non-stop practising the sewing technique and is always seen holding the surgical thread.

There is one thing I like about Japanese and Korean dramas are that the actors themselves are hard-working and is determined to give the viewers the best and thrived to show us how real their performances are. What I am trying to say is for example: if the role is a violinist then the actor would take lessons and when we see on TV, the actor’s performance would not look fake because he would have at least know the proper way of holding and playing a violin (it is really easy to spot for violin). So to me, what makes an actor’s performances convincing and real reflect on how much hard work, efforts and time they put into interpreting and thriving to perform well on the roles they play. And then of course there is whether or not one has the talent as an actor but we shall not delve deep into that.

I do look forward to Park Hae Jin’s performances too since I absolutely adore him in My Love From The Stars. The screen writer gave him lots of on-screen appearances as Hwi Kyung and he’s probably one of the most loved second male leads as well. Park Hae Jin was initially cast as Hwi Kyung’s second brother – Lee Jae Kyung but due to the original actor having pulled out of the drama (injury related), he took on Hwi Kyung instead. As we know, Jae Kyung and Hwi Kyung are two completely different roles and this only tells us that Park Hae Jin is a versatile actor and has the capability of doing various types of roles. Thus I am thrilled that he landed himself on a lead role in this one along with Lee Jong Suk (give me bromance, yeah?) and hope to see him in nothing but lead roles from now on, thanks to the popularity of Stars! 🙂

Source: TV Report