[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: Dr. Lee Jong Suk in White


First glimpse into the newly released stills of the genius doctor Park Hoon portrayed by Lee Jong Suk in the upcoming SBS Mon-Tue drama, Doctor Stranger. Anddddd it’s looking promising! The picture has captured a really good shot of Lee Jong Suk’s eyes as I interpreted it as him deep in his character and giving someone a cold, icy and heartless glance. The picture also shows Jong Suk giving off an extraordinary yet charming aura around him.

The information I gathered is that Park Hoon was originally born a South Korean but due to some circumstances, he and his father were captured to North Korea so he was raised there. His father is also a doctor and trained his son to become one. Park Hoon used to be the finest doctor with the best surgical capabilities at a research health institute in North Korea. In order to find his first love, Park Hoon does everything he can as long as he is offered with a lonesome of money (there had better be a good conflict and reasoning for this loveline or else it would end up being unconvincing and weak).

In the released stills, we can see that the scene is where Park Hoon is still in North Korea with the obvious political leaders’ photo frames hanging on the wall in the background and the pin he has had to wear on his doctor’s coat. Question: Do North Koreans really wear the pin on them? At least that liliac tie is still eye-catching and adds colour to the always-being-portrayed as dark, conservative and boring fashion the North had to wear.

Production company Aura Media said, “Lee Jong Suk has fully comprehended his role as the passionate genius doctor, Park Hoon; and he is working extremely hard on the set as well as attending lessons in the hospital to help him better portray a doctor. We hope that everyone will look forward and support Lee Jong Suk’s performances.” In order to perfectly deliver those difficult and tongue-twisting medical terminology doctors use in daily life, Jong Suk buries himself deep in the script like a student who is facing big examinations.

Park Hoon sure is going to be very different from the bubbly sunshine boy – Park Soo Ha (I Hear Your Voice) whom I was so fond of but I am definitely excited to see a different Lee Jong Suk. I really want to see him shed off that image of “I am only a pup” from I Hear Your Voice to “I am a man with a dark past” in Doctor Stranger.

Doctor Stranger premieres April 28.


Source: TV Report | Chosun


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  1. It’s been ages since I Hear Your Voice. I’ve missed LJS so much. Looking forward to this drama because I am sure that his performance will be great. Lee Jong Suk, I hope you will captivate me again as Park Hoon. Fighting!


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