Jo Seung Woo Serenades ‘Magic Castle’ in God’s Gift – 14 Days

Jo Seung Woo opened his golden mouth, played guitar and sang ‘Magic Castle‘ in episode 9 of this week’s God’s Gift – 14 Days. It was really refreshing as well as surprising to hear how well his voice matches with the acoustic music. Couple with the situation of the current storyline, it adds extra feels and sadness to his serenade.

As we know when little naughty Saet Byul found the dusty guitar in Ki Dong Chan’s house, it was the first time Dong Chan lost his temper but that did not stop little Saet Byul from pushing her limit with people’s patience (ahem). At the lake, she saw the guitar at the back of the car seat and aegyo Dong Chan to play and sing for her. The guitar holds many precious memories of Dong Chan’s first love and it was painful for him to face it. However Dong Chan eventually succumbed to the aegyo and we, the audience, swooned along with little Saet Byul as he sings.



When Dong Chan finished with the song, he got himself a proposal, LOL! Awww. Oh alright! Now this is cute!

But what gets me the most was when Dong Chan hugged Saet Byul tightly and promised that he will protect her; as we know Saet Byul is still in danger of losing her life and now with Dong Chan’s added promise, it felt extra sad as if he said it not only with the reason that it was because he cares about Saet Byul but also the regrets he has had when he couldn’t protect his lost love, Soo Jung.

Now my question is will this song be included as part of the OST where quite obvious that we have a singer actor in the drama to boost more popularity for the show.

Oh wow! Jo Seung Woo really do have a voice for musical, however, it’s no surprise since he comes from a musical family. I stumbled upon this while I was looking for the clip above. Nice ~ !

Jo Seung Woo singing ‘What Kind of Fool Am I’

Jo Seung Woo – This is the Moment @ Korea Music Award