Kim Soo Hyun Stealing Hearts in Lemona CF

Gah~ it’s raining Kim Soo Hyun today and this time it’s the new endorsement he signed on with vitamin C brand – Lemona, right after he finished filming My Love From The Stars. When the news broke out, it made headlines and was a big deal because since its founding 31 years ago, Lemona has only been strictly promoted by women or female celebrities, but Soo Hyun has broken the tradition by being its first male model.

The reason for Lemona to choose Soo Hyun is because he appeals to people of all ages from early 10s to late 30s and that perfectly fitted Lemona’s brand identity. Lemona isn’t the only one because recently Coca Cola has also broke their own tradition by allowing Soo Hyun to sign with other beverage companies that is/are not directly their competitors. This only tells us how ‘iron hot’ and ‘wanted’ he is right now that big shot companies are willing to bend their own rules and accommodate him as long as he can help them earn the big bucks from consumers. Bet all the Lemona and Coca Cola stakeholders are looking like this  [钱] right now or in the near future.

LEMONA CF 30s – Version A
I found version A! ^ ^

LEMONA CF – Version B
P.S. Where is version A? This is such a teaser, telling us this is version B and not giving us version A. Arghhh~ [ali赖皮]

Jesus… whispering beside the ears? Really? For a Vitamin C supplement and that’s necessary? Hahaha ~


BTS of Photoshoot

Source: LEMONA | DC