[Drama News] Doctor Stranger: First Script Reading Stills Released


The first script reading stills that was held back in February 11 of upcoming SBS Mon – Tues drama, Doctor Stranger is released today. This sure comes out really late and almost gave me a heart attack at first glance because Lee Jong Suk is blonde and my initial reaction is: again?! Then I breathe a sigh of relief that this was taken almost two months ago. *Phew*

From the pictures, we see the main leads – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice), Park Hae Jin (My Love From The Stars), Kang So Ra (Ugly Alert, Dream High 2) with experienced supporting casts Cheon Ho Jin (City Hunter), Jeon Kuk Hwan (Empress Ki), Kim Yong Geon (Master’s Sun), Choi Jung Woo (City Hunter, Master’s Sun), little child actors Goo Seung Hyun (I Hear Your Voice) and Kim Ji Young (Vampire Prosecutor 2) etc. actively participating in their first meeting. The meeting lasted for four hours without the actors showing fatigue and were deeply immersed in script reading.

As previously mentioned, Doctor Stranger tells the story of a genius doctor Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) raised in North Korea (but escaped to South Korea) and South Korea’s top elite doctor Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin). It is a medical/spy/romance drama that entail the darkness and politics involved behind them. This drama is one of the most anticipated dramas as it is director by Jin Hyuk (City Hunter, Master’s Sun) and screenplay by Park Jin Woo.

During the script reading, Lee Jong Suk and other casts analysed their scripts and transformed into their characters. Jong Suk spoke North Korean dialect and stayed back to discuss about his character with Jin Hyuk after the meeting whilst Park Hae Jin, too, carefully analysed his script and making sure he read the lines at the right timing etc. He became Han Jae Joon perfectly thus earning praises from everyone.

Experienced sunbae also gave the younger actors suggestions and recommendations while the juniors listened intently and thus resulting the meeting ends in total success. Doctor Stranger will premiere April 28 after God’s Gift – 14 Days.


During the meeting, Jin Hyuk introduced every single actors that attended one by one and expressed that he had worked with Jong Suk before when he first debuted in Princess Prosecutor; and having met again in Doctor Stranger holds another kind of meaning and he asked that they work hard together in the future. Aww, so sweet of him.

I have seen both of Jin Hyuk’s hit dramas and had liked the direction and the cinematography he employed therefore this will be one thing we can look forward to. Although I am speculative with the storyline and unsure if I will enjoy or like it but is no doubt I will give it a go because it is interesting enough on its own that Lee Jong Suk is challenging a role like Park Hoon. It’s a whole new him where he isn’t playing a student but a mature man with dark past and this sparks extreme interest in me to want to see how he shines and charms me one more time like he did as Park Soo Ha.

This drama is definitely not anticipated without good reasons. We have two male leads who so far has garnered so much attention from their previous projects that catapulted them to rising popularity and helped them land on lead roles; then it is supported by experienced male actors who I have seen added extra weight and spice to previous dramas (provided the screen writer give their characters chance to shine in the story). The only set back is the actresses, I am uncertain of their acting as well as how their roles will come into play in this drama that concentrates mainly on the testosterones. Are they in there to create conflicts between the male leads, a mere plot point that pushes the story along or they will play a much bigger or important parts in the show? Right now, I’m just iffy about the melo part of this drama 😦


A medical scene that is rumoured will appear in episode 1


How interesting! Goo Seung Hyun plays littke Lee Jong Suk again. He has previously been little Park Soo Ha. 😀


Here we have a little City Hunter reunion! Is this mean Kim Sang Ho (Shik Joong ahjussi!!!) will cameo in one of the episodes?


Actor Cheon Ho Jin, also was one of the City Hunter’s cast as the president. I noticed Jin Hyuk likes to use actors he had worked with before.



Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon on a bike when they were filming in Hungary some time last month. Image credit to owner.


Lee Jae Won – another actor Jin Hyuk has worked with from Master’s Sun.

Source: Newsen | TV Report


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