My Love From The Stars: Chun Yoon Jae’s Fashion


My procastination on Chun Song Yi’s fashion post had led me to do the side characters’ fashion posts first, heh. Stay tuned for Hwi Kyung and Se Mi’s later but now we focus on Song Yi’s cute little brother, Chun Yoon Jae. I still can’t get my head around to accept the fact that this boy is 26 years old (Born 1st July, 1987) in real life and not that rebellious 18 years old high schooler he played in the show. *Aarghh*

My mind keeps registering him as a teenager each time I see him rather than a man who is same age as Lee Min Ho and is hyung to Kim Soo Hyun! Maybe, just maybe when I see him in the right age, mature role (e.g. You’re All Surrounded) I’ll be able to fix this recognition problem.

Okay, let’s have a look at model turns actor – Ahn Jae Hyun in an 18 years old skin of Chun Yoon Jae with fashion.

EPISODE 5 – 10
Yoon Jae doesn’t have many scenes at the beginning so there is very little of him modelling the pretty clothes.

EPISODE 11 – 14
That Nohant trench coat, is that supposed to look all big and loose on him? If that is the effect the stylist was trying to achieve then heck, I can start wearing my overly bulky coat this winter and I’ll just tell people, it’s the trend!

EPISODE 16 – 17
Yoon Jae gets more scenes in the later episodes and his fashion gets more varieties and becomes colourful and vibrant too. I particularly liked the Chris Christy sweater.

EPISODE 18 – 21
That last AA.Gban sweater looks interesting… Like! The Lucky Chouette is the one that gets to glomp Min Joon hyung ~


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