The Drama After Stars: God’s Gift – 14 Days

It’s always lovely when you see the bts of the casts getting along so well and having fun together in between takes and filming. This I think makes the tough filming schedule a whole lot easier to get through when they all get along. It’s the same for the casts for God’s Gift – 14 Days.

I recently caught up with the current episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days and I have one word – DAEBAK!!! If you want to watch a drama that has suspense, thrills, excitement, creepiness and much more then this would be the IT drama. Apart from getting caught in the thrills, you would also need meticulous level of attention to details when watching this drama because the writer loves to sprinkle breadcrumbs (i.e. clues) all over the place and thus it tests how good your observation is when it comes to identifying or piecing the clues together. But no fear, we do have Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) to assist Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) and us to solve the mysteries if we can’t put our heads around the clues.

I would have never thought God’s Gift – 14 Days would be this good and it seems the show is getting less attention than it deserves as compared to the other SBS drama, Three Days. I tried out Three Days too but it didn’t captivate me for the past 4 episodes while God’s Gift – 14 Days got me hooked from episode 2 onwards and unlike Three Days, the execution of the storyline was superb. The pacing of the whole show was perfectly orchestrated. I love the way it keeps the audiences guessing and takes us on a suspenseful, adrenaline rush and roller coaster ride with the characters in each episodes.

For those of you who hadn’t checked out God’s Gift – 14 Days, I strongly recommend this drama although I can’t guarantee it will end happily ever after. 😛 I am the type who doesn’t like to worry about the ending and more importantly, I am currently enjoying the process of watching the drama thus it feels rather silly that I let the possibility of a sad ending affect my enjoyment. 🙂

My Reasons to watch God’s Gift – 14 Days:

(1) Excellent casts with stellar performances
(2) As mentioned above: the suspense, thrills and excitement
(3) The well written storyline so far (although we most likely will not get an explanation on how she managed to travel back in time)

Let’s not waste any more time, go find the drama and watch it pali! 🙂 God’s Gift – 14 Days will air episode 7 and 8 this Mon – Tues on SBS.

More BTS pics of Baro, Lee Bo Young and Kim Yoo Bin posing for the camera. Hehehe, cute!

I also found a making film bts between Lee Bo Young, Jo Seung Woo and little Kim Yoo Bin. So cute ~ love their interactions. I’m smiling while watching Jo Seung Woo and Lee Bo Young hitting each other and joke around like brother and sister too. Heh.

Other Makings:

Image: Wowtv