[Drama News] Emergency Couple to Extend One Episode

Cable channel tvN’s hit drama – Emergency Couple starring Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Pil Mo and Clara has confirmed to extend one episode, the finale episode will air Apr 5.

Episode 14’s ratings went up to 4.2% with the highest of 5.5% at one point; and has been holding its position at no. 1 against other dramas of the same airing time. It is a drama that is popular among the old and young, thus receiving good reviews from all ages. The director announces that due to well received responses from the audiences, they decided to extend one episode. As for the ending, there is no decision as to whether or not Jin Hee and Chang Min will start over again. However, they will make sure that they can convey the script effectively i.e. the meaning of love. He hopes that everyone will continue to watch over them and the drama.


Well well… I ain’t surprised no more with the extension but I would be surprised if Jin Hee and Chang Min do not get together. It is very likely that they are just pulling our legs because the typical lesson in love involves forgiveness and giving your loved ones another chance so I would still say statistically, the possibility of them starting over is high especially it seems like they still love each other. To me, as long as Chang Min’s annoying mother stops being a biatch (sigh) to Jin Hee, I don’t see why things can’t be resolved. Off topic a little, I thought it was swoon-worthy of Chang Min as well as satisfying to see him picks her up and carries her away at the hospital in ep15. Personally if a man does that to me I’d kick him for treating me like that but as a by-stander who can’t stand the whiny, crazy & bitchy mother – he can do whatever. 😛

Anyway, regardless of the ending I just hope extension won’t affect the pace of the drama as it seems to be a major concern among drama watchers. Although I believe My Love From The Stars has set a record that one extension did not deteriorate the quality of the drama or slow its pace, thus, let’s all have faith in other dramas too. 🙂

source: Korea Star Daily