Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyun Signs On to Endorse Samsung Electronics China

The good news for the day is that Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun will join forces to shoot CF(s)* together. [ppb鼓掌] They have been invited to endorse for Samsung China. It was mentioned that Samsung usually uses one star to endorse one product but uri Stars couple will endorse most of the Samsung products for Samsung China! Yippee! Yes, it’s only for Samsung China so the CFs won’t be available in other countries, however, with the advance online networking these days, I am pretty certain we would be able to see it through other video hosting sites.

*Details of the CF or CFs is not yet available or released so we don’t know if they will continue to portray their Stars characters or being themselves. I’m not going to fuss about that, I am just going to jump in joy that they will be seen on-screen AND together again! The news said if they shoot the CF next week, we will be able to see the CF by next month.

While we are at it, will all the fashion or Film/Drama magazines invite them to do a few photoshoots together? I am seriously lack of new photos of them together, as in non-Photoshop ones. Pretty pleaseeeee! Make good use of that double Hyun’s effects while it lasts! [钱]

Source: StarNews | Newsen | Osen
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