[K-Movie] Trailer & Promo Stills Released for Song Seung Heon in Obsessed

Oh dear ~ I did remember news broke out regarding Song Seung Heon taking up the challenge to star in an erotic movie but that piece of news didn’t settle in the brain until I saw these today. Obsessed (Hangul: 인간중독) also known as Human Addiction is an upcoming Korean erotic thriller film written and directed by Kim Dae Woo, about a couple having a passionate love affair in a military camp under tight social surveillance in 1969. Song Seung Heon is the male lead who has an affair with Im Ji Yeon. Also starring Jo Yeo Jung and On Joon Wan.

The story is set in 1969 at the end of the Vietnam War, Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong (Song Seung Heon) is a constant subject of jealousy, with the commander for a father-in-law and a beautiful wife Lee Sook Jin (Jo Yeo Jung). All seems so perfect except in truth, his affection for his wife has subsided and he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the war. One day, Jin Pyeong meets Ga Heun (Im Ji Yeon), the wife of one of his captains Kyung Woo Jin (On Joon Wan) and falls into a fatal and obsessive love affair that forces him to give up everything he had achieved.

Teaser trailer:

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I’m blushing at the idea of watching Song Seung Heon doing an erotic movie. The teaser trailer looks good, the way it was filmed reminds me of the US movie The Painted Veil by Edward Norton with Naomi Watts. I love that movie so I am kind of interested in this one if the erotic part is just light and beautiful. Haha. Or else I might have to give ahjussi Heonnie a pass. Aww man, he looks good in uniform! Or, I’ll just watch it but never let you all know. Hmm. Kekeke!

More Promo Stills:

source: Naver Movie | Korean Star Daily | Daum


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