[C-Movie] Yoo In Na & Ahn Jae Hyun Courted for Wedding Bible

As a result of huge success for their involvement in My Love From The Stars, both Yoo In Na and Ahn Jae Hyun have been courted and confirmed to star in a Chinese movie named Wedding Bible. Joining the casts are also Taiwanese model/actor Godfrey Gao and mainland Chinese actress Deng Jia Jia.

Wedding Bible is a romantic comedy about the love and friendship of Zhou Mei Li (Yoo In Na) who is beautiful and her best friend/ugly duckling Wang Jia Jia (Deng Jia Jia). In the movie, Yoo In Na’s character is every men’s goddess. After studying abroad in England, she came back to Shanghai in order to become a University professor. She possesses beauty and talent but due to being too perfect, she can’t make any friends. Qi Kai (Godfrey Gao) will play Yoo In Na’s love interest.

Wedding Bible will be directed by Huh In Moo (Herb, My Black Mini Dress), a Korean director and co-produced by the Chinese and Korean production teams. This will be the second time Yoo In Na work together with Huh In Moo thus it added the anticipation to see them team up again.

First of all, Godfrey Gao – what can I say about him? The man has a height of 193 cm and is one damn fine-looking male specimen; he is a Taiwanese born Canadian model and actor, so this boy can speak fluent English and his Mandarin has definitely improved over the years. Some of you may recognize him as Bane from The City of Bones while I prefer to forget he ever played that role, damn whoever put him in those makeup and undies! *Ahem* Excuse that! Other than that, he’s mostly active in CFs and models for magazine covers. I have seen a few of his dramas, nothing to brag about on his acting apart from he is one big and tall eye-candy. Yup.

I am not familiar with Deng Jia Jia so I have nothing to say regarding her. There is no details released regarding what character Ahn Jae Hyun will play but hopefully he will play someone important, like perhaps maybe pair up with one of the girls? I shall keep an eye out for this movie for I am interested to see their collaboration and I hope the script is good. A movie trailer would help! Filming is said to start some time in July.

Source: Sina