[Drama News] Oguri Shun Communicates with the Dead in BORDER

Japanese drama goes by its season and soon the winter season’s drama will end and spring season’s drama will take over. One upcoming Japanese drama that attracted my attention is the one starring Oguri Shun named Border.

Border has the Naoki Prize winning novelist / script writer Kaneshiro Kazuki who is responsible for the famous drama and movies SP. With him behind the script and Oguri Shun as the male lead, Border might just be the ‘it’ drama for me this season. Joining Oguri Shun are Aoki Munetaka portraying Shun’s rival and Haru as the coroner. Other actors include Endo Kenichi, Furuta Arata, Takito Kenichi and Nomaguchi Toru.

Title: BORDER (ボーダー)
Broadcast Network: TV Asahi
Broadcast Date: 10th April (Thursday) at 9 PM
Script Writer: Kaneshiro Kazuki
Official website: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/border

Ishikawa Ango (Oguri Shun) is an observant and smart police detective with sharp intuition. He is in great physical shape and highly ambitious. During a crime scene investigation, Ango is shot in the head and hovers between life and death. Miraculously, he survives with the bullet in his head (hahaha, ok… sure) and since then he is able to communicate and see the dead. He uses this newly gained ability to solve difficult cases.

Teaser Trailer

The teaser does not show me much (although the special effects look great) so the only way to find out if it is worth the time is to try it out. It must be a popular trend these days with stories of detective being pestered by ghost(s) and solving the cases with their help. In the K-drama land we have Who Are You and Cheo Yong – both have similar theme and story to Border. I confess I did try out an episode of Cheo Yong but found it extremely un-engaging so I drop it. Who Are You was definitely not that great or enjoyable and the execution of the plot was less than interesting. Thus I really hope Border can deliver that horror punch (is this even a description) and chilling thrills (doubt the chills but give me the thrills); Oguri Shun is a good actor so yes, expectation is rather high on this drama.

Drama god, pleaseeee give me some really good J-dramas this year. *Pray*

[Update] Two Minutes Long Trailers

Well looks like I won’t be getting the horror I was hoping for in Border either. If that’s the case, then my only hope rest on the case-by-case mysterious stories and whether or not it will be engaging or intriguing. I am also going to take a wild guess that in the end, the case that Ishikawa Ango investigate will lead him to the original case he was investigating before he got shot. This is how the storyline usually goes, it would be nice to be proven that I am wrong.


3 thoughts on “[Drama News] Oguri Shun Communicates with the Dead in BORDER

  1. Hello and thanks for this post on Border. I’m looking for some thoughts/views/opinions by fellow drama reviewers regarding upcoming Japanese dramas and yours seems just perfect to help me narrow it down to maybe 3 – which is just manageable to do reviews/recaps.

    By the way, first time to visit your blog and enjoyed your J-related posts. I reviewed Who Are You, the Korean drama where the lady detective also sees ghost and it was a big disappointed and could not finish the review – even though it was posted in DramaFever. I really hope Shun Oguri can make this work, and given the scriptwriter as you mentioned, being quite acclaimed.

    Don’t know much about the other cast but Oguri is good enough for me. 🙂


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