[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Episode 16-17 Preview

Cable TV channel tvN releases another preview version of episode 16 (and perhaps 17) for Emergency Couple. Let’s take another look on what’s going to happen. Episode 15 left us with a cliffhanger regarding Chang Min’s dad and I was on my verge of tears because of Chang Min’s tears. Aish.

Gook: It doesn’t matter who you’ve married
Caption: Now I know what’s best for you
Chang Min: I am not good
Chang Min: Go, quickly
Gook: I’m sorry
Gook: It’s all because of me

OH.EM.GEE [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

Ahem. Okay. Stay calm, heart. Stay calm!

Alright now that I’ve turned a blind eye to the possible kiss temporarily, I’ve to say I’m afraid Chang Min’s dad has gone to the heaven judging by the black suit and tie he is in and what looks like a church in the background when he tells ‘someone’ (which I suspect is Jin Hee, of course) to go.

Edit: I hope Dad’s death will open up Mum’s eyes and make her realise she’s being a spoilt brat and that nothing is more important than being happy herself, or stepping back and stop trying to run Chang Min’s life for him. As for Chang Min, it is definitely another wake-up-you-need-to-grow-up now sort of life lesson for him.

Back to the kiss…

Eekkkkkk!!! Will they kiss?! I sure hope so… OH MY GOD, please please nobody pulls a Choong Suk (watch Faith episode 21 and you will know what I’m talking about [愤怒]). God knows if it will happen but it sure is sneaky of tvN to tease us viewers like that! I have been telling myself that the ending to this drama is that Chang Min and Jin Hee will get back together, so even though I root for GookHee, I tried not to invest too much love and emotions into them. I still don’t but it still get me all excited to see them having a little intimacy, kekeke. Hanjae and Lynny will cringe at this for sure and most likely do this too >> [lxhx掀桌]

On another note, Choi Jin Hyuk’s rendition of this song sure gives me the feel when put together with this preview trailer. [good]

Video by JW La La


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