[News] Kim Soo Hyun Fan Meeting 2014


First Memories in Jakarta, Indonesia

Some fans are in luck. After finishing his shooting for current SBS drama My Love From The Stars, uri alien Kim Soo Hyun will go on a fan meeting tour covering countries like China (Shanghai, GuangZhou & Beijing), Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Most of the schedules have been released by his agency Key East Entertainment.

How exciting! I’m sure Soo Hyun will be lots of fun to hang out with as the man can sing, dance and act… oh right, he was cooking too in the Japan FM last year although I don’t know whether it was tasty, heh. I don’t supposed the fans will request for him to do gwiyomi (at 8:00) again? The man hates it and seeing his reactions entertained me greatly because it was purely adorable. Oopsy! Mianhe Soo Hyun, your misery becomes my pleasure and entertainment. HA.

If you would like to attend the FM, please kindly contact KeyEast or wait for Soo Hyun’s official website to announce details. In addition, there is no point demanding info for Singapore FM in the comment section because if I knew, it would be updated in this post already; so just be patient. [哼]

Schedules of Fan Meetings

16.03.2014 in Seoul
22.03.2014 in Taipei at International Convention Center (TICC國際會議中心)
23.03.2014 in Shanghai at Shanghai Grand Stage (上海大舞台)
30.03.2014 in Thailand at Royal Paragon Hall 2
04.04.2014 in GuangZhou at Nan Feng Hui Global Trade & Exhibition Center (南豐匯環球展貿中心)
06.04.2014 in Beijing at ThinkPad SPACE (M Space)
25.04.2014 in Indonesia at Skenoo Exhibition Hall, Gandaria City
27.04.2014 in Singapore
18.05.2014 in Yokohama, Japan



31 thoughts on “[News] Kim Soo Hyun Fan Meeting 2014

  1. Now then Japan FM has been rlsed this means what is left is only Singapore…. Wonder anybody knew who was the agency did for lee min ho in singapore perhaps the same organization will be doing , then info maybe much easier
    Lily currently living in hkg but i will go to sg to see him


  2. Wait wait wait…. I saw something at Kim Soo Hyun’s offical website’s schedule and it wrote that April 27, he is coming to SINGAPORE!!!!!!????????


  3. Now we just need to know the venue in sg n time of fm n where do they sell the ticket thru , heard that sg newspaper already announced the date in sg but venue , ticket selling pending


    • Where do you check the news btw? And when do you think it’ll be out? Roughly >< Hopefully not tomorrow cause I won't be free to check and buy them online T.T


    • Dear La Petite, I hope you don’t get too annoyed with the continuous questions about the fm in Singapore >< I have to say we are just too excited and afraid of not being able to get the tickets at the same time. Sorry and here, have a sweet *passes sweet to you*

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  4. Yes i also got the news yesterday noon it was in singapore expo, i called sistic.com.sg with that tel number given here however the official ticket selling is still not know yet since sistic mentioned it is really depend on the sponsor.
    I cannot see properly the sponsor here, empire something ….anybody can see the name or not , so i can actually check on internet n see what is their plan or we can call in to this sponsor to check

    Btw i wonder will keyeast reply or answer us if we call into keyeast korea


  5. Hi La Petite,

    Newspaper has confirmed ticket start selling on 25 mar but time start selling not announced. So everybody who is excited on this just need to keep track…., btw i m not in singapore , i also depended on my friend in Sg to check n come back to me.

    Thanks for the info , n all your updates

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  6. I want much information about he’s life were i can see ? one site something ? I like the movie with him that all


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