My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Fashion

One of the big buzz of My Love From The Stars has got to be the fashion in the show. Here we are, fashion nazi gogoboi has once again compiled almost all the branded clothes worn by Kim Soo Hyun as alien professor / manager – Do Min Joon. Personally, I have always had a thing for men’s winter coats and Kim Soo Hyun hit the jackpot for me with a lot of the coats he wore. Funnily in real life, I noticed Kim Soo Hyun isn’t the kind that cares much about fashion. Too bad because if I were him, I would ask to take some of these clothes home!

Episode 1:
Aish see… loving the fashion already. The suit. Man in fitted suit always win a girl’s heart. [飞个吻]

Episode 2:
Once again, more suits and a handsome looking professor in glasses … sign me on to his class now! Although I did not dig the round golden rim glasses he wore in the 50s. I didn’t think it suits him.

Episode 3:

Episode 4:
The winter coats… the coats. Love it all and I even liked the white bicycle because it matches so well with his black winter coat! Oh dear, I can’t decide which coats I like best but so far I’ll still go with the SYSTEM HOMME because the design of the others are plain.

Episode 5:
Hmmm my vote is on SYSTEM HOMME again… will they just invite Kim Soo Hyun to be their model? He looks really good in them.

Episode 6:
Min Joon’s wardrobe got a bit more colourful in this episode with red and blue as jackets / coats. It is lovely to see a change, I like the grey cardigan from Thom Browne and of course, the suit.

Episode 7:
Back to black again, I see. Not everyone will look good in turtleneck but luckily Kim Soo Hyun is able to pull it off without looking like someone without a neck.

Episode 8:
Loving the 8 seconds sweater and of course poor Min Joon and his broken antique heart. Haha.

Episode 9:
That ZIOZIA grey suit is Jjiang.

Episode 10:
Okay, this time I can’t choose between ZIOZIA and Codes Combine winter coats. They both look reallyyyy good and can I have a girl version of it?

Episode 11-12:
Goshhhh SYSTEM HOMME you are killing me. I love it and oh, it’s nice that Min Joon isn’t wearing sport shoes for once at the frozen lake!

Episode 13-15:
The winter coat I dislike the most was Sandro’s from episode 15 where Min Joon kissed Song Yi at the French village and dear lord, will you look at that NIKE Air Max 90 sport shoes he’s wearing! The thickness of the sole… is that an attempt to boost Kim Soo Hyun’s height so that he can look a little taller than Jeon Ji Hyun when she wears heels?

Episode 16-17:
Thom Browne winter jacket and Dsquard2 cardigan & jeans win hands down for me. I like the Thom Browne greyish blue wind breaker (?) too. It started off visually a little stranger for me due to its how bulky it sort of looks (or is that because Kim Soo Hyun is actually wearing a lot of layers inside to keep warm?) but then it slowly eases to my eyes and grows on me, particularly the night scene with Song Yi. That black winter coat he wore in the elevator with Song Yi (going on a one night trip) also appeals to me, very much.

Episode 18-19:
Neil Barrett’s coat by design looks really good but it didn’t look like it will keep you warm. I am quite fond of Chris Christy’s grey sweater as well and OH.MY.GOD to haraboji Min Joon’s Calvin Klein’s PJ. I mean… I thought it was just some random cheap PJ and did not think it is (1) branded (2) CK makes PJ too?! [吃惊]

Episode 20:
Commes des Garcon Play ~ [心]

Episode 21:
Balmain coat + suit = Gorgeous! [花心] and I like the combo of Thom Browne cardigan and shirt. ZIOZIA’s cardigan is [good] too… V low cut to show off the chest. Yes.

Do Min Joon’s Sport Shoes Collection:
Seriously, throughout the whole 3 months I have always been puzzled by his (or the drama’s stylist) choice of shoes. Why is Do Min Joon wearing colourful sport shoes with suits and formal winter clothes? I wanted to see him in black or dark brown leather shoes because those shoes visually matched and fitted better with almost all the clothes he has worn. I mean it is fine if he wears them with colourful winter jackets like the ones from Bean Pole but it is just absolutely weird that he wears it with formal clothes.

Do Min Joon’s House & Furnitures:
Note: Price is in Ren Min Bi (RMB). By comparison, my preference is with Min Joon’s taste for his choice of decor as compared to Song Yi’s. Leopard/animal prints aren’t my cuppa and that bed does not look comfortable in anyway.

[NEW] gogoboi’s Top 10 Do Min Joon’s fashion:
I was wondering why Balmain is only her top 3 and then I saw her top 1. [偷笑] Well, I can’t argue with that choice. [害羞] Hahaha!
The one thing that I wouldn’t choose in my top 10 would be the Sandro’s winter coat he wore to kiss Song Yi in ep15-16. I can’t explain why but that particular design did not appeal to me.

The end to Do Min Joon’s wardrobe and here is the question: how many you lurkers out there want to see Song Yi’s wardrobe? Time to delurk, hit the keyboard and give me some feedbacks. [阴险]

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Disclaimer: I just want to clarify that all the fashion images from this drama are compiled by gogoboi (as you can see the name labeled on the images) and not by me so kudos to her/him so we could benefit from it; all I did was to hunt the complete sets down and share it with the rest of you in the English community.

Image source: gogoboi
(Please do not edit/modify the images. Take out with full credit)


17 thoughts on “My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Fashion

  1. Thank you so much for putting this all together! It took me a long while just to read the post; never mind how much it must have taken you to write it. So thank you. 🙂
    I loved DMJ’s wardrobe, in general (especially coming immediately after the atrocity that was LMH’s wardrobe in Heirs), and I especially loved the winter coats. The designs were almost uniformly fabulous, and uri DMJ made them look even better when wearing them.
    I actually found the combination formal wear-sport shoes interesting; it’s not the classic choice, obviously, but somehow it suited DMJ, adding some pizzazz to alleviate/contrast with the formality of his outfits. Because stuffy, even-keeled grandpa Do who appreciates and falls for an impulsive, temperamental, and over-the-top actress is a bundle of contradictions himself.
    Anyways, I’d love it if you could do a post on CSY’s fashion as well, if you have the time. 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for putting this together! But how can we find specific links to purchase those items? You mention the designer names but how can we find the specific item to purchase them? also, is gogoboi part of this blog or has a separate blog (confused)


  3. Wow Do Min Joon’s wardrobe is so good looking…sigh…wish I am living in a temperate country where I can wear nice looking jackets/coats..definitely interested in Choon Song Yi’s wardrobe! Heard some of the stuff she wore has been sold out!!

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  4. Hellooo, long-time lurker finally emerged from the shadows. Hmm me likey this post ^_^, Do Min Joon sure loves his sneakers and suit combo hehe. Omg Cheon Song-Yi’s fashion style is just too die for, gotta say she can pull off any look so well! Soooo jealous. As much as I love her wardrobe, in reality most of the clothes she wears are designer…I can only afford them in my dreams nooooooo. Oh wells, I guess taking inspirations from her outfits is the way to go then 😛

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  5. Thanks for exposed those adorable kim soo hyun with the shirts and shoes.all coloured the drama views andI liked it so much.
    He is really cute..
    Super models product of the year..

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  6. Wow I am supper like your blog site. You are supper imaging when you can find all the pictures with prices anf the brand name of all Do Min Joon fashion clothes. I am really in love with Do Min Joon’s fashion and I’m being looking and searching his wardorbes and all the supper nice decoration stuffs in his house. I think the interior design pf his house in this drama is supper nice and modernest house ever in the drama. I am so happy when you put all them in this page. But wowww all his wardorbes that he was wearing in the drama , they are really supper expensive from all fammous brand names. .. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  7. WOW!! thank you!
    I second Adnanas thoughts re shoes. I had the impression that Do Min Joon – eventhough an alien – was more interested in the change of climate than the “earthlings”. Thus, he was rather the sportive type bicylcing. ^-^

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  8. I love your blog! I’ve been browsing through the articles and I love the fact that you guys are fangirls yet are quite objective. Keeps things real, you know. I’ve just discovered your site, actually. All for the love of Kim Soo Hyun.
    Re: DMJ’s penchant for sneakers. I must say that it is an oddity that I love. Simply because he pulls it off! He owns the bloody look! Scrolling through the fashion pics reminded me, again, that KSH looked darned good in everything except for the Look #2 in episode 4, S Homme jacket that I hated the very second I laid eyes on it.
    Seriously, KSH turned what would otherwise have been a ridiculous combination of sneakers and suits into a daebak fashion statement!
    Thanks for the post, mate, I enjoyed it.

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  9. love this blog on the clothes KSH wears… KSH’s (and CSY’s) wardrobe are a great compliment to the drama.. love system homme, ziozia, samsonite, sandro designs! kudos to the drama’s stylist and love how he/she combines formal with sport shoes.. thats the first oddity I noticed and it grows on me! suits and leather shoes sounds so boring now.. 🙂

    love to see CSY’s wardrobe blog too.. 🙂

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  10. This is amazingly researched!! Thanks for putting this up. 🙂 I would love to know where to find the black leather house slippers he wears.

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  11. wow! great job man! I am so wondering whether the stone wall in his house is real or wallpaper? and a tree in an apartment? it seems pretty impossible but super cool!


  12. I think the reason why the stylist mixed the formal.suit with a sneaker is to make a modern approach…the stylisy might not.want the style of KSH to be old and too formal…putting a sneakers on his style will fit to his young adult character .


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