[C-Movie] Rain Casts as Crystal Liu’s Love Interest in Upcoming Chinese Movie

This news is a bit old but I couldn’t help myself upon knowing that Rain will collaborate with mainland Chinese actress Crystal Liu in the upcoming Chinese movie temporarily titled Beauty’s Dew 《紅顏露水》. Rain will play Xu Cheng Xun, supposedly a wealthy heir of a multi-corporation who disguises himself as a poor artist to pursue his love for the arts. Crystal will be Rain’s love interest and they tried to get close to each other due to opposite intentions but ended up falling in love with the possibility of a fruitless relationship. Hmm okay, the story seems cheesy but I always hold to the belief that a cheesy story can still become interesting and captivating if one puts the right elements and cast the right people in it.

The romance drama film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Zhang Xiao Xian and will be directed by one of China’s most famous and acclaimed directors – Gao Xi Xi (Legend of Zhu & Han). The movie will also be backed by writer Wang Hai Lin (The Bronze Teeth) and cinematographer Zhao Fei (Let the Bullets Fly and Raise the Red Lantern). Another reason why I would be interested to see how this movie turn out with cinematographer Zhao Fei behind the camera for I’ve seen some of his works.

This will be Rain’s first challenge of a Chinese feature film after his recent Hollywood films Ninja Assassin and The Prince. I regretfully will admit that I hadn’t watched any of his past projects but somehow is drawn to this one and thought they will make an interesting pair. Let’s hope to see some sparks flying between them. As far as I know Crystal grew up in the US and Rain can speak/understand English quite well so it’d be a lot easier for them in terms of communications & this should greatly assist them on-screen as a couple. I have always had a good impression with Crystal Liu whom I think is charismatic and exudes elegance especially when she stars in historical dramas/movies. I saw her with Wang Lee Hom and Joan Chen in the romance comedy Love in Disguise; you guys can check her out.

Beauty’s Dew will begin shooting in mid March and don’t forget to catch Rain in Running Man Australia part 2 this Sunday.


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