Kim Soo Hyun Models in CK Jeans for ELLE & COSMOPOLITAN

For those of you who still has that alien-sized black hole after My Love From The Stars ended, this is perhaps something that would help ease you through the withdrawal (a little). Kim Soo Hyun is seen sporting the Do Min Joon’s image and hairstyle in the latest Calvin Klein Jeans photoshoot. So, be sure to sweep the news agent(s) or internet shopping website for a copy of April’s issue of ELLE or Cosmopolitan because hot alien Kim Soo Hyun will be featured in it & fashioning off in Calvin Klein Jeans. The boy looks awesome in the 4 photos that were released today. These are the same photoshoot he did for Esquire and must say, I like the results of all these pictures. What about you guys?

In these pictures Soo Hyun is seen mostly in Calvin Klein’s denim with T-shirt and jeans. I think blue really suit him or ok, maybe I just like everyone in blue. Ha.


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