Lee Min Ho Looking Evil & Sexy in Star1

Lee Min Ho will be the cover face in April’s edition of Star1 (volume 25). I say it’s about time. I was already wondering ever since The Heirs ended that when will all the fashion magazines start inviting this boy for a photoshoot. It honestly was puzzling me that I was seeing more of Kim Woo Bin  and no Lee Min Ho on the front cover of all the well known magazines. Ah well, it’s not too late to start covering him now.

We have two preview pictures from the shoot and a BTS. I believe these two pictures are the choice of covers for the magazine of your choice (A and B). Smart strategy to try to get Minoz buying both! It looks to me that they are employing to make him look wild with a tinch of devilish, sexy look (from the BTS video). So far I am liking what I see… fingers crossed all the photos will turn out superb!

BTS Photoshoot Making Version 1 & 2:

No Logo, purely for collection (PS by 背背得正):

Minoz was lovely to remove all the logos so that all other Minoz / Min Ho fans can benefit by collecting pictures of him without logos. Gotta love their professionalism! Click on the image to get the enlarge version.