[Fashion] Lee Min Ho Sporty & Healthy in Eider S/S 2014

~ *Breathing out a sigh of relief* ~

Why? This is simply because Lee Min Ho looks god damn natural and healthy looking in Eider. Yes, I am still somewhat begrudging all the recent endorsement or magazine pictures I see him in. The graphic experts / stylists are somehow jealous and hate Lee Min Ho’s good looks that they swore to destroy him visually in pictures. That resulted in a decrease in my enthusiam of wanting to post anything of Min Ho recently and indirectly drove my attention to *cough* another person *cough*. Sigh~

That said I do look forward to his new CF or photoshoot for his new endorsement of the car brand – KIA.

BTS Making with Lee Min Ho

Minoz Cow & Min Ho

Image: Eider | DCinside Gallery | Chloe | Killer


One thought on “[Fashion] Lee Min Ho Sporty & Healthy in Eider S/S 2014

  1. LMH is frigging gorgeous! He always looks good in Eider campaigns.

    Actually, with the exception of the Cosmo shoot, I have liked how LMH looked in almost all his new cf shoots esp the Kia & Jeju Air BTS pics.

    But I must admit I can’t wait for him to change his hair for Gangnam Blues already.


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