[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Models for Giordano

Kim Woo Bin is seriously sweeping the market as the new favourite face for endorsement in Korea! This time he’s the model for clothing apparel brand – Giordano. For a moment there I thought the woman beside him is his girlfriend. It really frustrates me that all Woo Bin’s photoshoot are this good and prompts me to feel guilty if I don’t post them up! > <” So yeah, here it is and there is more later from another brand. Seriously dude, I’ll get sick of you soon if you keep appearing before my eyes non-stop.


Hahaha! I love how fans love both Woo Bin and Jong Suk and they never failed to find ways to PS them together.

Hmm I haven’t shopped in Giordano for donkey years and don’t recall their design being this ‘good’ for quite awhile but then different countries do have their own designs and Woo Bin sures make the clothes look good and attractive.

Image: Giordano (via Weibo)


One thought on “[Fashion] Kim Woo Bin Models for Giordano

  1. I can’t believe they dropped So Ji Sub. Woo Bin looks good in these pics. But SJS has amazing chemistry with Shin Minah. I’m gonna miss seeing their smoking hot chemistry in Giordano photoshoots!


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