[Fashion] Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy in Beanpole 2014 S/S CF

Uri Do Min Joon seriously is one busy alien. You’d think he is busy enough trying to figure out a way back to Song Yi after falling into a wormhole but no, he teleported himself to shoot a CF with Suzy for Beanpole as Kim Soo Hyun. *Ahem* Oopsy! Sawrry for the delusional babbling there. Yes yes, I know! It’s over but let me just simmer in bliss for awhile longer and take my sweet time to come out of this withdrawal, okay? It’s not too much to ask right? Right?

As much as I love Kim Soo Hyun’s chemistry (or is it biology/physics?) with Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love From The Stars, I do go all ‘awww’ while looking at him with Suzy. I don’t feel that they have that romantic thing going on but I do enjoy watching their interactions as good friends. I like that despite the Dream High shippers rooting for them, they are completely at ease with one another and did not avoid each other due to any rumours.

I think this CF is shot during Soo Hyun’s filming of My Love From The Stars because his face is still pretty bloated at some scene in the CF particularly when he and Suzy are arguing. The infamous ‘Plant vs Zombie’ look came out again, hahaha!

Beanpole CF (Full version)

BTS Making

BTS is sometimes the best when you want to get to know the actor’s real personality so here’s uri 4D Kim Soo Hyun. Kekeke! Trying to teleport back to Song Yi, Do manager? That looks rather uncool!

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