[Drama News] My Love From The Stars Finale: Alternate Ending

Finally, we got to see the proper ending for Min Joon and Song Yi from My Love From The Stars. It’s pretty short but it’s definitely a much more satisfying happy ending that has some sort of closure towards Min Joon’s space traveling; it clues us in that eventually he found his way back to Song Yi, and is able to stay permanenetly for as long as he wishes. He may live longer than her and watch her die, but what matter to them the most was the moment and the time they spent together. Perhaps Song Yi would leave 7 children & 5 dogs behind for him to worry about, so he wouldn’t be as lonely as he used to be, right?

[HD] My Love From The Stars Alternate Ending

[FMV] Alternate Ending with MJ & SY’s Conversation of having kids
Sub by JW LaLa and video by 별그대 갤러리

Screencaps of the blissful future

He’s looking down at her with so much love ~ [爱你]

We’ll just have to imagine this is what comes after them moving into such a big house, hehehe!

Art by 麥吉MAKI | Noodle


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  1. i finished watching all the 21 episodes last June, but I didn’t know there’s an uncut version of the final episode. Good thing I found this! shocks, it made me want to watch it all over again :-)) they have such great onscreen chemistry!!!


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