[News] Running Man in Australia

Oh yeah! This Sunday’s Running Man is the episode whereby all Running Man casts and guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin go to Australia! I’ve been quite excited about this episode before they started filming and it was unfortunate that Lee Jong Suk contracted swine flu and was unable to join his mate Woo Bin to the Aussie land of koalas and kangaroos.

From the preview, I am shocked to see the team went to that many places in such a short time. From what I gathered, they started shooting right after they landed in Brisbane and their schedule were pretty tight. It must have been exhausting. Running Man was filmed at Brisbane’s Tangalooma, Currumbin Sanctuary, Gold Coast, Palm Beach and Melbourne’s City centre, State library, Rippon Lea and Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill.

LOOKS SOOO GOOD!!! Can’t wait! Be sure to tune in on Mar 9 and Mar 16 Episode 188 and 189 (Edit: They split it into two episodes!).

Note: There will be spoilerific pictures in here so readers beware!


I do hope the Australian episode would be much more fun, funny and interesting to watch because I was quite disappointed with the CNBLUE episode. T_T Not only there is no tag ripping for Yong Hwa to play (and for me to watch), there really weren’t many CNBLUE exclusive screen time too! The last challenge was … whatever, let’s just hope Yong Hwa will have better luck next time.


Right off the Brisbane airport, the RMs have already changed into sports wear! I remembered reading one fan account that the girl made a banner asking for Kwang Soo to marry her at the airport. I wonder if RM will show that on TV. Hahaha! Cute.

Not too sure why they went shopping, perhaps they were preparing for snacks while they travel to the filming destination(s) since the places they were going aren’t exactly close to each other.

I believe this is them running up to Currumbin Sanctuary. Rain looks like he needs to catch some breaths and same goes to Woo Bin.

And…. here comes the most hilarious BTS pics of all, the RMs in yellow kangaroo costumes! BWAHAHAHAHA! OMG! I can’t imagine Rain in it too! So embarrassing! Woo Bin and Kwang Soo look cute in it though, lol!

But Gary doesn’t look amused.


I seriously didn’t know RM is this famous. They were swarmed in Melbourne! People of all races were literally waiting for RMs in various rumoured locations to get a glimpse of them. Even other countries’ stars were there to see them – Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse.

BALLARAT – Sovereign Hill’s Gold Mine Village

Sovereign Hill would be the best place to play tag ripping because (1) it’s a huge and unfamiliar place (2) it has many (dark) places to hide although I am worried of them damaging the preserved village! Kim Woo Bin looks soooo good in cowboy’s sheriff style and leather whereas I wish Gary, Suk Jin, Jae Suk and Joong Kuk would at least wear a cooler cowboy hats than those I don’t know what you call it… Spaniash hats?!

Images by: 雅琪琪Qi | Katie_cri | Eric Chang | BeiBei via Weibo & Tumblr


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  1. Hi! Saw your blog. And caught Nicholas Tse’s name…. were they ever caught on cam and did they participate in the show (Jackie Chans son too)…. that’s really WOW! I can’t wait for the episode to come out. 🙂


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