[Drama News] LINE’s Brown & Cony in My Love From The Stars

This is probably the last LINE sticker set we will ever get now that My Love From The Stars have ended and we have been lucky and spoilt that they give us another free set and this time without expiry dates. However, sayonara to my hope of getting a set of real life Do Min Joon sticker! Adios to getting a ‘face-palm’ Do Manager.

Ah~ WAEEEE?!! *Wail* *Rolling on the floor in tears*

*Like getting hit by a bullet ~ ♪ *

This sticker set was released last week with a Korean, Cantonese and Mainland Chinese version (which means it is only available to Korea, China and Hong Kong) right after episode 20 was aired. There is still no sign of an English version as of yet but I am hoping by tomorrow, we will possibly see an English version available to most of the countries. *Fingers crossed*

The link to the sticker set (Open with your phone):
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1759 (Korean)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1760 (Simplified Chinese)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1761 (Cantonese/Hong Kong)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1762 (English) <<< NEW!


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