[Drama News] My Love From The Stars to Air Special Ending + BTS

That’s right Stars fans! At the end of yesterday’s re-run for My Love From The Stars finale, there was a message for us that says the director will unveil the alternate ending at 10 am KST on 4th Mar on the official SBS website. I can’t say I am not excited or unhappy at all to hear about this news, especially after hearing there was more to Min Joon saying ‘I am home’ and the bed-hugging scene.

I shall not reveal what I heard just in case that’s just a rumour and let us all wait for the real deal tomorrow. I am unsure which webpage we can see this but I suspect it should be under its own official Stars website. Other than this greaaaaat news that is temporary filling my alien-sized black hole in the heart with hopeful shooting stars & happiness, there was a behind the scenes video clip being shared last night that captured lots of attention.

Why? Hee hee hee… of course it has everything to do with uri lovey-dovey couple *giggles*

This is a BTS that show us how they filmed Stars from above the air and looking at the username who shared this vid, he’s the same person who was involved in filming the US scenes for The Heirs. This man must be an expert in aerial cinematography.

That’s right! We got more glimpse into the finale kiss scene between Min Joon and Song Yi! [心]

Behind the scenes:

The cruise scene taken from the air:


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