[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 18 Preview

It takes forever to get a glimpse of the preview these days and episode 18’s preview is full of new development.

Episode 18 Preview:


Song Yi: Do Min Joon ssi, can’t you teleport to my side? Ah~~ Do Min Joon ssi (mum and Yoon Jae think she’s gone crazy).
SY’s mum: Do manager, please answer me. Do you want to marry uri Song Yi?
Lawyer Jang: Are your body feeling unwell?
Min Joon: Now I have decided to stay back in order to be together with that person.
Min Joon: Song Yi-ah, I will try my best to stay to always stay be your side.

Min Joon worrying about his weakening powers during the night… awww.

Pissed mother-in law questioning if Min Joon is going to marry her daughter. Just show her your bank account and she’ll happily accept you Do So-bang.

Wedding dress? Not a dream?

New sprout of plant? Indication of a change in Min Joon’s internal life force?


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  1. I hope happy ending for this drama. I wish Do MIn Joon-sshi will be okay and will be human, then Do MIn Joon and Chun Song Yi will live together happily. ><


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